Happy Skin: Make A Clean Sweep Micellar Makeup Wipes

Thursday, October 12, 2017 Philippines


As recommended by my friend, Phoebe of http://www.phoebeann.com/ that I should get this wipes and try it, I finally did while we were out and glad that listened and bought one. (Thanks sis! Mwah!) This wipes is the perfect ally for those "too lazy to remove makeup" days. 

Shall we check it out?

Brand: Happy Skin

Type: Makeup Remover Wipes

Sheets: 25 wipes

Product Description and Ingredients: 

How To Use: 


The wipes has a hard cover plastic cover over the resealable closure. It will make your wipes tightly sealed and protected from being dried out. 

Each sheet of the wipes does not easily tear. I was able to fully remove my makeup without worrying that the sheet will turn into pieces. 

The Happy Skin's Make A Clean Sweep Micellar Makeup Wipes is one of the best mild makeup remover wipes that I tried. Like I said, the perfect "I am too lazy to remove my makeup" ally! 

I am so happy that it did not irritate nor sting my skin even with frequent rubbing! Each sheet is soaked (but not dripping) with the Micellar solution. 

The sheet has two sides, one rough and one smooth. It is not instructed but from what I experienced in using makeup removers, there is a reason behind it. Usually, the smooth part of the wipes is to initially remove your makeup so that it will not irritate your skin from frequent rubbing. The rough side part of the wipes was designed to fully clean and remove the dirt from your face after removing the makeup. 

I shared my video of using it the first night that I got it in my Instagram Stories (follow me at @allaboutbeauty101ph). For this blog post, I used the wipes in removing the swatches of Maybelline lipsticks from my arm that contains the lip swatches that were heavily applied. 

Look how it was able to remove the lipsticks on my arm. I just noticed that it was not able to remove lipsticks that leaves stains. Compare my before and after photos below. 

This wipes is great to bring along when you travel. No worries for spilling it and no need to worry for the airport personnel throwing it out just because it is liquid like other makeup removers.


It is a little expensive. 249php for a 25pieces of makeup remover...BUT I like how it is wet and does not sting my skin. It is pricey compared to the brand that I usually use but I like my experience with Happy Skin so I guess it is worth the money. 

Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 4/5

Price: 249php

Where to buy? Happy Skin Counters, Happy Skin online website and Zalora. 

Hello beauties! Thank you for reading my reviews and visiting my page. Hope you will find this review helpful. Take care and have fun always!

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