My Esfolio Haul: Skincare Products!

Sunday, October 15, 2017 Philippines


The start of my October month is full of stress due to personal reasons and one of the darkest days of my life, I even skipped work...but I am glad that at least for now, everything is working out fine for the better. I did not realize that it took a toll on my face because of the more prominent eye puffiness and dark circles now, that is why I decided to shop for something that is dedicated for my skin. 

That night, I cannot sleep until I got some items for myself. Then I remembered about Esfolio. It is a Korean Skincare brand that is also new in the Philippines, I first tried its Green Tea Cleansing Tissue from Nikki's Workshop and I love using it. I thought, why not try their other items!

I turned on my laptop and went to and I was amazed to see that they offer a lot of products! It was like Althea but only under one brand!

Upon ordering my haul, I learned that Esfolio offers free shipping if you shop for at least 1,000php and above! Do you want to know what items that I got from my haul? Let me share it with you! :)

1. Green Tea Cleansing Tissue (2 pieces) 169php per pack

I already emptied my pack from Nikki's workshop and I decided to replenish my stash. This wet tissue (wipes) smells so good and relaxing. I use it before I put on my makeup or every time that I feel like cleaning my face without the use of water and cleanser. 

2. Bird's Nest Essence Mask Sheet - 54.95php

This is the first time that I encountered an essence from Bird's Nest so I am curious to try it. LOL. 

3. Black Caviar Hydrogel Eye Patch - 999php

My eyes shows the center of my stress and I decided to finally splurge for some eye products like this hydrogel eye patches. 

4. Black Pearl Hydrogel Eye Patch - 899php

Like I said, I want to invest something for my eyes. Hence, hoarding for eye patches. LOL. 

5. Gold Essence Mask (2 pieces) - 89php each mask

This will be the second time that I will try Gold Essence Mask and I am still curious for its effect to my skin. 

6. Pure Skin Milk Essence Mask Sheet - 54.95php

I haven't tried a pure milk essence face mask yet so I bought this too!

7. Pure Skin Volcanic Ash Essence Mask Sheet (2 pieces) - 54.95php each mask

Oooh... my experience with volcanic ingredient before was amazing and this is the first face mask made from volcanic ash that I encountered! Of course, I would buy to try it!

8. Aloe Vera Soothing Gel Mist - 399php

My Evian had ran out so instead of re-purchasing Evian, I decided to try this Aloe Vera Soothing Gel Mist if it will do better. 

9. Nutri Snail Daily Essence - 999php

Snail extracts are amazing! I was so sad when my favorite facial moisturizer with mainly snail extracts were discontinued. I am so happy to see a snail essence that I can replace with my Olay Regenerist that I am close to emptying. :)

10. Pure Skin 2 Step Multi Oil and Peeling Cleanser - 949php

When I first saw this, my initial thought is that I can shorten the Step 1 and 2 on my Korean Skincare routine. I am not sure if it will be as effective but I am curious to know. (It is the main reason on why I blog, right? My curiosity to try out items and share it to my readers!)

Phew, all these 10 items are definitely a splurge! Usually I invest on makeup that I always wanted, I am trying to invest on skincare for a change! Anything that you would like me to share reviews first from this haul?

For my video of haul unboxing, watch it from my YouTube Channel below: 

Thank you for reading and have a great time beauties!

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