Esfolio: Green Tea Facial Cleansing Tissue

Monday, October 16, 2017 Philippines


Whenever I travel, I bring a facial cleansing wipes as my makeup remover. I also keep it for stash for my "too tired and too lazy" to remove my makeup nights/days. I learned about Esfolio and this Green Tea Facial Cleansing Tissue from Nikki's AMW Workshop. It was used to cleanse the face before we started to apply makeup. 

I posted on my Instagram stories one time while I was using this wipes. For the in depth review, shall we check it out now? 

Brand: Esfolio

Type: Facial Cleansing Tissue (Wipes)

Weight: 120g (20 sheets)

Product Description and Ingredients: 

Unlike the other cleansing tissues, this one do not have two sides. Both sides are smooth and soft but still effective in removing dirt and makeup from my face. 


Even though the wipes is lightweight, it has an effective tight seal to close the wipes after each use. This way, it is not at risk for drying out faster than you consume. 

The tissue is strong and does not tear from wiping. The size is the usual tissue or wipes. 

I love that the sheet is soft and gentle to my skin. I do not feel any irritation or sting even with frequent rubbing. I think that the sheet being heavily soaked with the products helped. 

If you are looking for a wipes that will make you feel relaxed, buy this one! The scent of Green Tea is so good that it makes me feel comfortable and happy. 

It was able to effectively clean the dirt from my face and light to medium coverage of makeup. 

My face feels refreshed, cool and clean after use without feeling dry. 

Affordable for only 169php and you will get a 20 sheets pack!


It cannot remove waterproof makeup completely like mascara and hard to remove liquid lipsticks BUT most of my makeup was still removed. I still recommend (if you can) to wash your face afterwards for better removal of dirt and makeup left on your face. 

Buy again? 100% (I just did with this review!)

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: 169php

Where to buy?

Thank you for reading my review beauties! Take care!

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