Y.E.T.: Don't Worry Police Mask (Oil Control) Mask Sheet

Monday, July 24, 2017 Philippines


The last Y.E.T. mask sheet from Althea that I haven't tried! Glad that I was able to snatch some stocks before it sold out AGAIN. For something that is really affordable, I find the Y.E.T. masks to be of great quality and my skin loves it specially the Infant mask and the Heart Beating Mask that I reviewed before. Let us find out if this one is as nice too, shall we? 

Brand: Y.E.T.

Type: Don't Worry Police Mask

Target: Oil Control

Weight: 23g = 1 mask sheet

Product Description: Written in Korean, I cannot read them, sorry! :)



The consistency of the essence from this mask is like a gel compared to the usual creamy essences. Upon application, I felt the difference of the essence. The gel type essence feels like a toner on my skin, it has a slight sting but nothing uncomfortable. From the consistency of the gel, the scent and the stinging sensation - it all reminded me of the products that I use for acne-control like the facial wash from Celeteque that is anti-acne as well as the toners and gel moisturizers that I was able to try for controlling acne. I did not need to wonder since if you have an oily skin, you are more prone to acne, right? At least though, the stinging sensation is not bothering. 

Even though the mask is heavily soaked with the gel, it was quickly absorbed by my skin. My skin felt a little sticky after removal but once fully absorbed, there is no sign of greasiness. Until the next day, upon waking up, my skin felt smooth, supple and not oily! Usually if I use a very hydrating mask, my skin is a little greasy the next day. So I am sure that those with oily skin will love this mask!

The mask fits my face correctly, the holes are in the right places. 

Using my Mili Skin Moisture Detector, it increased my skin's moisture by 1.5%. From 38.9% to 40.4%. Compared to Y.E.T.'s nutrition mask, it increased but not that high. So it is just in the right amount for oil-prone skin. 


The expiration date can be seen on the packaging. 

The mask smells a little like alcohol but not bothersome. I just wish it has a calming scent since I use mask before sleeping. 


Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: 24php

Where to buy? Althea

Yay! I completed reviewing all the variants from Y.E.T. mask sheets that is available from Althea! I hope you will find them helfpful. I am reviewing more skincare products soon so stay posted!

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