Marian Rivera-Dantes Shares Why She Takes Snow Crystal White Tomato

Thursday, July 27, 2017 Philippines


Last July 27, 2017 at New World Hotel in Makati City, we were graced with the presence of Ms. Marian Rivera-Dantes at the Snow Crystal White Tomato launch. Aside from being the newest face and user of Snow Crystal White Tomato, she also shared her amazing story and experiences in life.

Marian Rivera is someone that I looked up to specially when it comes to beauty and finally seeing her in person feels nostalgic. I remember watching her shows when she just started at GMA and take a look at her now, she is known to be one of the most sensational TV personality. 

During the event, Marian shared her reasons on why she pursued to be successful and how it all started. Did you know that she dreamed of being a teacher over being an artist? She even finished a degree in Psychology and worked as a Psychologist until she was discovered for a commercial. Her real passion however is to touch someone's life and she was able to do that more as a celebrity. She was able to inspire people through her shows and helping organization like the The Smile Train with her hard-earned money. 

Lately, she also achieved her lifelong dream and it is to be a wife and a mother. I can really see her happiness and it radiates from her, I can feel her excitement when she shares her stories as a mother and wife. I am amazed on how she can balance and juggle her career, business, helping other people and most importantly on how hands-on she is when it comes to her family. She even admitted that she suffers separation anxiety whenever she is away from her cute daughter, Zia. 

Want to know some of her secrets in staying beautiful, healthy and good skin? She makes sure that she takes good care of her skin! One of her tips is to remove makeup immediately if not needed anymore. Marian pointed out that she removes her makeup immediately after taping and shows. For her exercise, she laughingly shared that taking care of her playing daughter is a good form of workout. She also added she uses body lotion everyday. Her latest discovery and secret though is that she now takes Snow Crystal White Tomato supplements. 

Snow Crystal White Tomato is a supplement containing Glutathione and PhytoFLoral. It is the first product in the Philippines to have an ingredient derived from Crystal White Toamto. Whenever we go outside, it is impossible not to darken because of the harmful UV rays. 

I posted about the newest product by Snow Caps called Snow Crystal White Tomato and its amazing benefits at

The good thing with Marian Rivera, she makes sure that she tries the product first before accepting any endorsements. The credibility if it is effective is important for her specially if she will accept an endorsement about it. 

Marian Rivera tried the Snow Crystal White Tomato and find it effective in keeping her skin radiant and healthy. According to Marian Rivera, she find that using Snow Crystal White Tomato is beneficial because she stays protected under the sun and that Glutathione will be able to detoxify her from stress. Basically for Marian, feeling beautiful inside and out will make you feel confident. 

Mr. Erick Armigos, the CEO of Vida Nutriscience, believes that Marian Rivera is the perfect queen to represent Snow Crystal White Tomato. Marian Rivera  is a symbol of women empowerment and just like Vida, they both want to grow and show innovations when it comes to health and beauty. 

With Mr. Erick Armigos, CEO of Vida Nutriscience

Snow Crystal White Supplements are now available in all drugstores nationwide particularly at Mercury Drug and Watsons for only 2,985php. It is also available in bar soaps for only 299php. For more information about Snow Crystal White Supplements and Vida Nutriscience, visit their pages at Facebook and Website.

Ms. Marian? How to be you po? LOL...She is so beautiful! 

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