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Friday, July 7, 2017 Philippines


When I am not too lazy, I wear false eyelashes if I can. Even though you have a great mascara, wearing false eyelashes is still different. It really can highlight the eyes like no other, it is like how the icing makes the cupcake special - it makes your eyes looked glamorous!

There are a lot of false eyelashes in the market but not everything is in good quality. You can buy a pair of lashes for as low as 25php or as expensive as 200php! 

Usually I use non-branded false eyelashes for everyday use while I buy expensive lashes from Red Cherry and Dolly Wink for special occasions. Recently though, I see great reviews and raves about this Bohktoh False Eyelashes that are frequently being used by known makeup artists. I thought that I should give it a try and got one set while it was on sale at BeautyMNL. 

Bohktoh Eyelashes are officially being distributed by Nippon here in the Philippines. 

Shall we check it out now? Let's go!

Brand: Bohkto False Eyelashes

Type: Y-019

Quantity: 10 pairs/set

Product Description: 

How To Use:


The first thing that I noticed with Bohktoh false eyelashes is its quality. The strands of the lashes are so thin and natural that I feel like it is plucked out of someone's eyes. Kidding aside, it is the most natural false eyelashes that I ever tried. No wonder that it has been a holy grail for others. 

One reason that I sometimes do not use false eyelashes specially at work is because they feel heavy. Heavy eyelashes means I tend to get sleepy. This is not a joke! LOL. My eyes feel droopy whenever I wear heavy eyelashes, thus I get sleepy all the times and I cannot do that at work, right? The good thing with this Bohktoh false eyelashes is that it feels feathery light! It feels so natural like I am not wearing any added eyelashes on my eyes. The feeling is amazingly comfortable!

Y-019 is only one of the styles available by Bohktoh, there are many other eyelashes design that you could choose from. 

The lashes can easily be cut if you find it too long for your eyes. I do cut mine to fit it more snugly for my eyes. The lashes are long and intricately placed together but it still looks natural when worn. 

I can re-use (after cleaning it) the lashes twice to three times before the shape gets distorted. In order to re-use it, I gently remove and clean it then I place it inside my False Eyelashes Casing from Saizen. 


Well, it is a little expensive but worth it!


Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: 400php but usually it is on sale at 380php

Where to buy? I got mine at BeautyMNL but you can also buy from Nippon Esthetics and Suesh. 

Thank you for reading my review and have a great time everyone!

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