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Saturday, July 8, 2017 Philippines


Today, July 8, 2017, MySlim hosted an event at Luxent Hotel presenting some of the Miss Philippines Earth Candidates for the year 2017. MySlim not only help the candidates in maintaining their healthy body weight but they also have something in common with the pageant's purpose. That similarity is about raising the awareness on environmental issues in our country. 

As I once believed, being slim means you are more beautiful. My body weight had been a source of my lack of confidence and sometimes depression. Being called fat or unhealthy is something that can be traumatizing that leads to the feeling that you had been body shamed. My worst experience was at work when one of the owners of my job directly pointed out to me that if he saw me during the initial interview he will not hire me as a nurse because of my body. I wanted to scream and shout profanities because he did that in front of other people but I was afraid that I would lose my job. Crazy, right? These experiences led me to unhealthy way of losing weight. There are days that I wanted to starve myself and there are days that I wanted to take all the supplements in the market available just to lose weight. 

With Vida Nutriscience (Makers of mySlim and known to be a leading distributor of health and wellness products in the Philippines that was established in 2014.), they believe that beauty achieved by less than healthy is not worth it. It should be with the reason that you wanted to be healthy so that you can be beautiful. Beauty and slimming are two different concepts that people typically associate with each other. With the modern technology today, there are liposuctions, cosmetic surgeries and even planned diets available and all for the goal to be slim, not healthy. However, not everyone can afford these procedures or diets, not everyone are willing to make an adjustments. 

Imagine if these resources and opportunities can be readily available, most people will be desperate to avail it and get slim without worrying for the drastic measures that cosmetic enhancements and surgeries can bring. Just like me, someone who does not have the means for these resources sometimes resort to crash diet or "miracle diet". There are others who find other ways to make them feel full like smoking cigarettes or taking powerful narcotics like Vicodin. In short, we all forget that being healthy is more important than being slim. 

Here comes the importance of taking healthy supplements such as mySlim, it is a slimming product that works together with the healthy lifestyle choice that you will choose for a whole new healthier you. mySlim's scientifically proven formula is a potent mix of Yerba Mate, Carnipure and Palatinose. 

Yerba Mate is a natural, plant derived agent that is also known to detoxify the body to reduce fat absorption and burn unwanted fat without affecting the muscles.  Carnipure is known to be the highest form of L-Carnitine in the market while Palatinose is a known to be a healthy carbohydrate with glucose. When Yerba Mate is combined with Carnipure and Palatinose, it will also boost your energy so that you are more able to perform physical activities that in turns maximize the benefits of exercise.

With these amazing ingredients, mySlim helps people who are willing to eat right and to exercise right. mySlim will help us reach both the fitness and beauty goals faster and healthier. So, just like Miss Earth, it has the same goal to manage the environment in a sustainable manner because mySlim is not just about weight loss but also to be responsible in achieving a sustainable weight management. 

The most awaited part of the event though is the question and answer portion for our Miss Philippines Earth Candidates. They were asked on how they keep their bodies in good condition and healthy. The candidates of Miss Philippines Earth shared that they use mySlim because with their current busy lifestyle, they do not have the time to regularly go to gym. They pair the use of mySlim together with eating healthy food. 

I was able to try mySlim before and I find it effective in detoxification. You can read about my review on the link here. mySlim are available in powdered forms, juice or capsules. The powdered sachet costs 69php per piece.

The drink costs 89php per bottle while the capsules are priced at 540php per bottle. It is affordable! Right?! 

Anyway, who do you think will win the title Miss Philippines Earth? The coronation night is on July 15, 2017 at Mall of Asia. For me, I wish either Ms. Samantha Viktoria Acosta of Pulilan, Bulacan or Karen Ibasco of Manila will win!

With Ms. Samantha Acosta of Pulilan, Bulacan and Ms. Jessica McEwen of New Zealand

With Ms. Karen Ibasco of City of Manila

Watch a short video during the candidates' runway show: 

To know more about mySlim, you can follow them on their Instagram account at @myslimdetox or their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/myslimPH/That's all for today so watch out for the coronation night and hope that the best one will win! 

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