Ever Bilena's Bold Beauty Blogger's Event + Sneak Peek Of New Products

Wednesday, June 21, 2017 Philippines


Last June 21, 2017, Ever Bilena and Project Vanity gathered beauty enthusiasts for a fun-filled afternoon featuring the incoming products of Ever Bilena to be launched on August and activities wherein guests could play with all of Ever Bilena's products and then shoot your new look. I am so glad to be invited by Ms. Liz Lanuzo of Project Vanity because I wanted to know more about Ever Bilena's new products.

I remember that ever since I tried using makeup back in High School, Ever Bilena was the brand that was readily available and they always had that cute packaging. It is also a makeup that any student could easily afford. It is no wonder that their affordable products makes it the market leader in the Philippine beauty scene for 34 years now. Their products are available in over 3,000 locations nationwide and with more than 200 beauty consultants. 

Online influencers and the press recreated their pick from nine runway-ready looks: Color Shift, Sunrise Pink, Berry Burst, 90’s Beauties, Blurred Lines, Inspiring Muse, Brow Story, Nude Alert, and Igari using Ever Bilena. For the pick and shoot activity, there are choices of looks presented that I can copy and the look that I chose is the Nude Alert. I love nude looks because wherever I go, I wanted to achieve that "no makeup" makeup look and that is the reason why I chose Nude Alert.  I was given the items I needed to re-create the Nude Alert look from their shopping area. Afterwards, we had our amazing look immortalized by photographer Hub Pacheco.

The Nude Alert consisted of 3 products that I was required to use: Ever Bilena All Day Eyeliner Pen, Ever Bilena Cheek Blush in Brown, and Ever Bilena Ultra Matte Lipstick in Innocence.

Look at my makeup after I used the products in achieving the Nude Alert Look. I also used their liquid foundation and powder for my face. 

After re-creating the Nude Alert look, I was asked to have our shot taken by Mr. Hub Pacheco. (I hope they have a copy because I forgot to get one from their files!) 

I had so much fun catching up with my fellow beauty blogger friends that I was not able to test much of their products except for their eye catching Eye shadow palette (375php) and the new products to be launched this August!

Of course, I will not forget to share a sneak peek to all of my readers about the upcoming products. Ever Bilena thrives because of its dedication to constantly improving its product offerings while developing new ones to keep up with the latest trends. Ever Bilena Advance has exciting recent releases to pump up the pulse rate of all makeup fans out there. Ever Bilena Accounts Manager Denice Sy also showed guests a sneak peek of upcoming releases for fall season. 

“We can’t wait to come out with the EB Liquid Lipstick in six matte finish shades, as well as the EB Matte Liquid Lipstick collection which recreates some of our top selling EB Matte Lipstick shades into a liquid format. We’re also working on the Curl Mascara series and the All Day Brow Liner Pen to complete your everyday eye look with reliable smudge-proof products. Finally - and this is what everyone’s excited about! - we’re serving the EB Advance Glow Out Highlighter soon. These are extremely, extremely, pigmented. One stroke leaves immense opacity!” These new products are slated to come out in August at your nearest Ever Bilena counter. More are in store for beauty junkies, so keep watching the brand with your beautiful painted eyes - blink and you just might miss what’s new from the country’s hottest cosmetics brand.

First, let me share my favorite and the items that I will buy first from the new releases! Their new Glow Out Highlighters! Oh my, it definitely looks like Becca's Highlighters and I cannot stop raving about it. 

Next, they have mascaras in in cute pink casings! The black color of the mascaras are intense!

Next, they will also release liquid lipsticks! Oh yeah! More lipsticks to hoard!

Last, Ever Bilena will also release a smudge-proof eyebrow pen! It is available in two colors. 

With my latest travel to Batangas to attend a wedding last June 17, I noticed that my current train case is small for my makeup stuff. I plan to buy a bigger one but it was as if I was heard by the heavens because I won a BIGGER train case at Ever Bilena's Bold Beauty Event! Yay! Thank you so much Ever Bilena!

Before I end this post, let me share a short video during the event! :)

Anyway, is it August already? LOL. It is because I cannot wait for all of the new items! Unfortunately, the prices for all of the new releases are not yet available. Knowing Ever Bilena though, I know that it will be budget-friendly. 

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