Cathy Doll: 3D Face Forward Nefertiri Contour Kit In Cleopatra Secret

Tuesday, June 20, 2017 Philippines


Are you familiar with Nefertiri? She was a famous and great queen that ruled during the wealthiest time of Egypt. With this Cathy Doll contouring palette, it was inspired by Nefertiri. 

Contouring and Highlighting is a makeup technique that many of us do not practice because it is hard and sometimes the look becomes more aggravated than better. Besides the technique though, there are products that makes it harder for us to do it. Thank goodness for this Cathy Doll 3D Face Forward Nefertiri Contour Kit in Cleopatra Secret because contouring is definitely easier! 

Let us look more closely!

Brand: Cathy Doll

Type: 3D Face Forward Nefertiri Contour Kit

Shade: Cleopatra Secret

Weight: 11g

Product Description and Ingredients: 


I appreciate that the manufacturing date and expiration date can easily be seen on the packaging's box. This way, I can monitor my makeups' expiration date better. 

The packaging is light, simple and compact. I can bring it easily wherever I go and the kit is complete with the contouring, blush, and highlighting powder. 

The powder contour kit is easy to use and its shades looks natural on my face. Actually, it is just the perfect shade for me! One layer of application is enough because it is highly pigmented, specially the contouring shade. According to Cathy Doll, this is the lightest shade available from the Nefertiri Contour Kits. 

I love the blush because it is light and looks natural because it is peach or coral kind of shade that works best on my skin tone. 

The texture of the powder is smooth and velvet-like. 

Last, the contour kit is affordable for only 299php! 

Cons: None noted. 


Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: 299php

Where to buy? 

Thank you for reading my review! Have a great time everyone and take care!

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