Missing My Parents After Watching The Unilab Film

Sunday, April 2, 2017 Philippines


Have you seen the newest film by Unilab? Watch it here: https://www.facebook.com/Unilab/videos/10154517497405829/. After watching it today, I immediately shared it on my Facebook's Timeline. I find the story realistic and I can relate to it. I miss my Mom and Dad! 

I can relate to the video because I grew up with my Mom being abroad working while my Dad was the one who cooked, played with me, ironing clothes, attending my school activities, cleaned the house and so much more. Watching the video, I remembered it all and I wish my Dad is still here with me. 

My Mom is still abroad continuing to support me and my sisters. I hope I could go abroad soon too to help her. My Mom is the best because she endures the distance away from us just so she could provide. In every vacation, she does all the things that my Dad used to do. There are times that she gets the flu and has to rest. If she's sick, no one will keep the house neat as much as she does. That is why as a daughter (or son), we all should take care of our parents too! 

I miss them both so much. I wish my Dad is still here and I wish I can visit my Mom abroad soon. 

Watch the video, its nice! Thank you for reading this short blog post, I just wanted to share it! Have a great time everyone! :)

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