Inglot: Eye Shadow (319, 609, 441)

Monday, April 3, 2017 Philippines


I ordered the Inglot Box from Glamourbox I think last year and I already forgot about it until recently that I did a decluttering in my room specially in my beauty stash and I found my Inglot Box! Its a good thing its intact and not yet expired. 

I prioritized to make a short review and swatches with the three eye shadow powders that I got from inside the box. The shades included are 319, 609 and 441. From pink to a bold violet. 

Each eye shadow square (2.3g per square) can fit inside the Freedom System Palette of Inglot, I do not have one so temporarily I placed it inside my Wild Peach Palette that I got from BeautyMNL. 

319's ingredients

Inglot 319 Eye shadow is a matte eye shadow with a pale pink shade with blue undertone. Its highly pigmented for a light shade so my eye shadow pan will last long. Even though its pink, it was similar to nude that when applied lightly, it looks natural or peach-like.

609's ingredients

Inglot's 609 eye shadow is shimmery and called Double Sparkle by Inglot. The 609 is brown in color and it fits people with warm undertones. Even though it looks shimmery, its controlled and the glitter does not overpower the powder. Its highly pigmented and perfect for a smokey eye look. 

441's ingredients

Inglot's 441 eye shadow is a medium-dark violet that has a pearl-like look. Since the color is highly pigmented and its violet, its harder to use during daylight but if you are creative, you can use it lightly as a highlighter. Most of the highlighters are light violet in color. 

All the eye shadows lasts long and were easy to use and apply. No need for primers but when used with primer, it lasts longer. The colors are highly pigmented that one pot will last long. 

This eye shadow pots will look better inside an Inglot Palette but its quite expensive. (Both the pot and palette.) Each eye shadow costs 425php.

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