All About Beauty 101 at Hong Kong 2016: Day 3 & 4

Friday, March 24, 2017 Philippines


The last installment of my Hong Kong adventures last 2016. I knew it took a long time before I posted this from my Day 2 but I prioritized posting my product reviews here on my blog. While writing up this Hong Kong Trip Day 3 and 4, I am already wishing to go back. 

For our third day, the family decided to go to Ocean Park as a last minute decision. The original plan was to go shopping in one of the big malls but we thought that we should try the amusement park instead of shopping. 

We bought our tickets from the hotel, then took a bus ride to go at Ocean Park. The ticket is around 2500php to 3000php I think. Upon arriving there, I did not expected that the Ocean Park was so big! I think they occupied a mountain just for the amusement park. 

The way towards the Cable Car

The rides of the Ocean Park was located at the back of the mountain. You can ride a Cable Car or Train (I learned about the train too late) to get to the other side. I am afraid of heights and I admit I am terrified that we HAD to ride the Cable Car! I screamed upon its first movement out of the building and when I felt it move upwards the mountain. The movement of the Cable Car was slow but looking outside made me feel out of control and I was fidgeting on the whole ride. Even my little niece laughed at me. 

The view from above was amazing. If I am not so scared, I am sure I would have enjoyed the scenery more. The photos that I used on this blog post was taken by my boyfriend because I do not want to move from my seat. 

The other side of the Ocean Park contains most of the rides. Even from the Cable Car, I can already see the rides available. 

There were also a museum of fishes and any other rare ocean creatures located at the back side of the mountain of Ocean Park. It was my first time to see Piranhas and Anaconda. 


Anaconda - Its head was hidden from the time that we were there. 

We enjoyed walking around because the weather is cold and gloomy but it did not rain. The Dolphin park and show was under renovation when we went there. We were not able to try it so we just took some photos around the area. 

What's with telephone booths that we all enjoy having a photo shoot there, right? Like my photo below! LOL. 

The Ocean Park also have a Penguin House and they have a lot of penguins! You can watch them waddling and swimming. Its my first time to see a Penguin too!

We came back at the front of the mountain via train. I learned that they have a train travelling like Cable Cars in the Ocean Park. If I knew that, I would chose that ride going to the back of the mountain! 

Anyway, the Pandas can be seen at the park near the front of Ocean Park. Our time was short so we were not able to go to the big Aquarium. 

My first time to actually see a Panda!

We went home early from the Ocean Park because I still have to go to the Lady's Market. We passed a Charlie Brown Cafe along the way. I was not able to try it and that is one of the reasons why I want to come back. I still want to explore and try more. 

The next day, we went back to the airport after lunch via bus and we had our early dinner at McDonalds inside the airport. Their meals were already large. The soda and fries were the same as Philippines but their burgers were different. Its more spicy and their patties were bigger. 

My haul from Hong Kong! I was able to buy a pair of booths from Cotton On near our hotel for only HK$18 (around 200php)! 

I also hoarded items at Sasa like the Bioderma that was on sale. The 500ml bottle of Bioderma only costs HK$54 (around 600php) and that is half of the price it was being sold here in the Philippines. I checked the expiration and its still on 2019. I also got Sailor Moon makeups, Biore facial wash, Nature Republic Gel Lotion at Sasa. 

From the Disney Land, I got a couple shirt in Minnie (my boyfriend had the Mickey), a tumbler for my friend and of course, my Belle Pandora charm. 

At the Lady's Market, I was able to buy a set of Sailor Moon socks and a luggage (I was not able to take a photo of my luggage).

From the mall, of course my MAC makeups that were cheaper. Along the side of Nathan Road, we passed a store that is a HK$10 store. All of their items (mostly food) were priced for only HK$10 each. Some were packed by three's. I was able to used up my left-over money there. 

Wow, that sums up my stay at Hong Kong for 2016. I hope I could travel out of the country this 2017 too. I am still saving up for that. Thank you for reading and I hope you got an idea on what to try at Hong Kong. 

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