L'Oreal: Color Riche Gold Obsession in Mocha Gold

Friday, February 24, 2017 Philippines


When life seems so dark, blind it with the shine of your lipstick! I just found love with L'Oreal Paris' Color Riche Gold Obsession Lipsticks and today I will be reviewing my first pick of shade called Mocha Gold. For my post about the Color Riche Gold Obsession Lipsticks and its swatches, kindly click the link here

Metallic and shining lipsticks are trending right now specially after it was made famous by Kylie Kardashian with her Kylie Lip Kits in metallic colors. These shiny lipsticks gives a stunningly bold look.

The Color Riche Gold Obsession Lipsticks are infused with 24-karat Gold. If you want shiny things, then this lipstick is good for you. Let us check it out why I love this lipstick too.

Brand: L'Oreal Paris

Type: Color Riche Gold Obsession

Weight: 3.7g

Shade: Mocha Gold

Product Description: Not listed



The packaging of the gold obsession is nice with its unique ombre-like look and I can easily identify which shade I will be using with its color indicator in the middle of the casing. 

I thought that the lipstick will have a rough texture because of the infused glitter-like particles in the lipstick but the feel is so smooth instead. The gold shimmer just gives a glossy effect on my lips but the texture is not affected at all. In fact, I find the lipstick very moisturizing. It is creamy that I do not experience any difficulty gliding it on my lips. No tugging at all. It covers my lip lines well that its almost not visible. Whenever I use this lipstick, I see that my lips looks so smooth.

The color is more burgundy (though I wonder why it was named "Mocha") instead of red but it can be worn by people with warm and cold undertones. The shade is versatile. This shade is my favorite among the four colors that I got from L'Oreal Paris that is why it is the first Gold Obsession Lipstick that I reviewed. 

The deep shade of burgundy complimented my skin. It is highly pigmented and I love highly pigmented lipsticks because one to two layers are enough to get the look that I want and because of that, my lipstick will last longer. Even though it is a dark shade of lipstick, it still balances with my dark and thick eyeliner makeup. 

The burgundy shade lightened when I applied the Le Gold on top of it. The Le Gold intensified the shimmer while it turned the burgundy shade into something more red. I enjoyed playing with their combination of colors. 

I love that for a dark shade of lipstick, it does not bleed out of my lip edges. No need for a use of lip liners. Its not hard to remove but when removed, the color is gone but it left some gold particles on my lips. The lasting power is around 3 to 4 hours even without eating. 

If you want to create a statement look that is metallic-like in a more affordable price, you will love this lipstick. 


Since the formula is very creamy and glossy, its not transfer-free. Its easily removed when eating. 

I have a habit of licking my lips even with a lipstick on, I noticed that it has a little bitter taste. I don;t know if its just me or my taste buds. :) Don't worry though, its not that bothering. 



Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: 400php

Where to buy? L'Oreal Counters, Lazada.

This is my first time to use a metallic-like lipstick and I am loving it. I cannot wait to share with you the other shades of this Color Riche Gold Obsession Collection by L'Oreal Paris! Thank you for reading my review and have a great night everyone!

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