Celeteque DermoCosmetics: Ruby Matte Lipstick

Sunday, February 26, 2017 Philippines


Today I will be sharing my review for my favorite Celeteque DermoCosmetics' Matte Lipstick and its the shade of Ruby! Last year, I received the second batch of Celeteque Matte Lipsticks and I reviewed the Nude shade first. 

Let us now proceed on why this lipstick is my favorite among the 6 colors! 

Brand: Celeteque 

Type: DermoCosmetics Matte Lipsticks

Finish: Matte

Weight: 2.4g

Shade: Ruby

Product Description and How To Use: 



This red lipstick is wearable by any skin tones. Usually Ruby shades does not look as nice when I wear it but this one sure made my lips pop! The color of this Ruby lipstick has a hint of orange shade. 

The lipstick is highly pigmented that I am so happy with it. One layer is enough to show its full opacity! This means this stick will last longer than usual. 

For a matte lipstick, its easy to use and it glides on smoothly over my lips. No tugging on the lips. Plus, it does not bleed or feather out of the lip line. 

The formula of the lipstick is creamy for a matte type and compared with other shades that Celeteque released, this is not that drying to my lips. 

The lipsticks lasted for 4 to 6 hours without eating. It leaves a little uneven stain after removal. It transfers but not as much compared to other lipsticks that I was able to try. 

I look like I have a whiter complexion whenever I use this lipstick. 


Cons: None noted.


Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: 599php

Where to buy? Celeteque Counters, Celeteque Online Website

If you are looking for a great red matte lipstick, give this a try! I love using it. :) Thank you for reading and until my next post! Take care everyone!

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