Unboxing My 4th Althea Korea Package: Masks and Brushes

Saturday, January 7, 2017 Philippines


I am officially addicted to Althea! Its the closest feel of shopping directly from Korea. I hope they offer more choices soon and I wish that there will be a version of Althea that caters items from Japan! 

I promised myself that I will be doing the 10 Step Korean Skincare (even though it is so tedious!) this 2017. I prepared by hoarding (yes I used the term hoarding because I bought more than what I usually need) face mask sheets last December 2016. 

Are you familiar with the 10 Step Korean Skincare? Well, it includes putting on a face mask daily. That is why I needed to HOARD face masks. Expensive but I think its worth the investment. After all, its your face and skin that will benefit from it. Some suggest that you can do it at least twice a week but I wanted to check out the difference if I will do it daily compared to limiting it from once to twice a week. 

Also, I am intrigued in the oval paddle brush so I also got two when I saw it in Althea. Using a liquid foundation is a must for me and I hope the paddle brush will help save time during application. 

I got the face masks for only 24php while its on sale. (Review coming soon, I am currently using it...quite literally while I am writing this post.) I ordered 40 pieces and it costs for only 960php. This will last me more than a month if I will do it daily. 

Next, I also bought each type of Choosy Lip Mask. My lips are the most neglected part of my face and I ought to focus on it too this year. It will be my first time to use a mask for my lips so I am excited! The Choosy Lip Mask costs 40php each. 

The paddle brush is small but the bristles are soft! I got it for 180php each. Its the most affordable paddle brush that I find so far...I hope it will be worth it! :)

So there, I was able to share with you my haul before 2016 ended. Next blog post is my review for the face mask that I got in this haul! Until then, goodnight everyone!

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