Y.E.T.: Don't Worry Infant Mask (Wrinkle) Sheet

Sunday, January 8, 2017 Philippines


The packaging alone is cute, right? I was skeptical in buying this mask when I first saw it in Althea but the cute bubbly infant on the packaging is hard to resist. Its like her big sparkling eyes are looking at me to buy her! So I did...LOL. 

Anyway, its just my excuse because recently I am stocking up on face masks for my 10 Steps Korean Skincare Routine. Its a bit tedious but I think I can make it...most days at least. LOL. 

Before I get sidetracked totally, let us go back to the review, I was able to buy this face mask sheet on sale. Its the cheapest price I was able to catch in all of my life! Imagine, I was able to get it for only 24php per sheet! Yay! 

Brand: Y.E.T.

Type: Don't Worry Infant Mask (Wrinkle) Sheet

Target: Anti-wrinkle

Weight: 23g = 1 mask sheet

Product Description: I am sorry its written in Korean.

Ingredients: Thank goodness that it is written in English!


This is exactly just what I need. something to slow the signs of aging. Honestly, I can already feel and see the signs of aging in my face and body. With the help of this mask - it locks the moisture in our skin and it improves the elasticity of the skin making it close to the soft skin of a baby. 

I am amazed on my first use because I can literally feel some tightening on my forehead and cheeks while the masks stays on my face. I do it for a minimum of 15 minutes and maximum of 20 minutes. (But there are times that I am so sleepy and tired that I fell asleep with the mask still on, please do not do that. It will make your skin drier than moisturized. Over exposure of our skin to the mask is not advisable. Please take note of that.)

The best effect is after I removed the mask and after the left over essence dried off. My skin feels smooth and firm. The next day after washing my face, my skin looked brighter and the pores looked smaller than usual. I love it! 

The mask fits the holes for my eyes, nose and mouth perfectly. Its a nice fit for Asian face structures. It is also well saturated. The mask is still wet after 15 to 20 minutes. 

Using the MiLi Pure Skin Moisture Detector, I compared my skin moisture level before and after use of the mask. I waited for the essence to be fully absorbed and dried on my skin before measuring. My face's skin hydration level is 38.7% and it improved to 40.1% after using the mask. For my neck area, from 39.7, it leveled up to 40.4%. Last, under my eyes, the moisture level improved from 41.4% to 42%. The moisture level in the skin under my eyes did not increased much so I suggest you use other products such as eye cream because the mask does not reach this area well.

There is also a sweet and citrus like combination scent of the mask but its not bothering. I just wish that it somehow smells lavender or something like that to help me relax better while using it. 

Most importantly, its affordable!

Cons: None noted.


Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: 80php (I got it for only 24php while its on sale.)

Thank you for taking time to read my review and have a great day everyone!

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