Miniso: Gateway Branch Opening

Friday, January 20, 2017 Philippines


Miniso is a store that is almost everywhere and if you are a K-Drama addict like me you would notice that even the characters of Kim Shin and Eun Tak shopped at Miniso in Episode 5 of Goblin!

The Miniso started in Tokyo, Japan and was jointly founded by Miyake Jyunya (Chief Designer) and Ye Guofu (Young Chinese Entrepreneur). They expanded and opened more than 1,400 stores around the world and now they are here in the Philippines! 

The store Miniso dedicates itself in providing customers with quality, creative and low-price products. Over 80% of the brand's product designs originated from Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, China and other countries. In Asia alone, they already have 100 stores!

Its my first time to be at Miniso and the Gateway Branch is the closest to my home. Miniso Gateway is located at the Upper Ground Floor of Gateway Tower. 

I was able to witness its grand opening before the doors were opened to the public. The opening was also graced by the presence of GMA Celebrities, Bianca Umali & Miguel Tanfelix!

What can you find inside Miniso? A lot! Miniso commodities are in line with fashion and leisure. The brand's products include creative home necessities, fashion accessories, health and beauty products, office supplies, stationery gifts, seasonal products and a lot more! Let me share with you my video of Miniso Gateway Branch Tour + my haul:

I was shocked to see all of the items that you can find inside Miniso. It literally has everything that you may think of and the items are affordable and unique! I am now itching to go back at Miniso and just shop! I recommend this shop when you need to buy souvenirs and gifts. 

For a beauty junkie like me, there are a lot of items that I would love to try and hoard that can be bought at Miniso. Their beauty section is heaven! From beauty tools, skin care, perfumes and even cosmetics! Each rack of items are different to others. There are a lot of products you can choose from that I am panicking and cannot decide on what I would prioritize to buy. (I hope this blog post and my video will help you organize on what you would buy when you visit Miniso.)

They have the cleansing brush that is like Clarisonic.

They also have makeup brushes that looks like Real Techniques.

They have facial cleansers, toner, moisturizers and so much more!

Are you familiar with Goblin (K-drama)? In episode 5, there was a product that is near the counter that Eun Tak keeps on placing at the cashier for Kim Shin to buy but Kim Shin refuses and puts it back into the basket. I found it! (Photo above) Its the Miniso Facial Cotton Pads! The quality is nice and worth it for only 99php, I was able to get 180 pieces of cotton pads! (Certified GOBLIN addict...LOL.)

They also have hair brushes that is like Tangle Teezer.

For a skin care addict like me, I am delighted to see that they also have face and eye masks but I decided to get the portable facial steamer for my DIY skincare at home. (Review soon on my blog.)

Don't worry because kids will also enjoy shopping at Miniso since they also offer cute stuffed toys and pillows. They also offer toys but I was not able to take photos. 

Accessories, bags, pouches, hats, sunglasses, swimwear needs and even scarf can be found inside Miniso and they are all affordable and in good quality. 

A timely offering awaits their customers with gift-ideas that is practical and innovative. Simply budget-friendly products but with undeniable Japanese durability that Miniso is known for. 

As a member of society, Miniso actively explores the relationship between the Earth's environment and human civilization. The brand ensures that its products and materials are healthy and safe without harming the environment. Miniso constantly cooperates with global environmental protection organizations and aims to provide a variety natural and environmental friendly products to consumers. 

For everyone, they also have electronic accessories such as headsets, earphones, powerbanks and computer accessories. 

Miniso stays true to their Core Values: Quality, Idea and Low Price in the products that they offer. I enjoyed my tour and shopping time here at Miniso plus I love the items that I got! (For the items, review coming soon.)

That is all for this post and I hope my tour and photos will help you on what items you may need that can be found at Miniso! Have a great time shopping everyone!

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