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Tuesday, November 8, 2016 Philippines


Last June 2016, I was first introduced to Ysabel's Daughter. I am a fan of organic products but the brand that I am most amazed is by Ysabel's Daughter. Their products are carefully crafted with natural ingredients. I was lucky enough to try their Verbena Face and Body Mist plus Vervaine Soap and I am so happy with my experience. Imagine my excitement when I learned that they have something pristine prepared for us!

The launch of their newest products were done at Johansen's Furniture at F1 Best Western Hotel in Bonifacio Global City. Its an intimate event together with Ysabel's Daughter owner, Ms. Coty Cruz. 

Ms. Coty Cruz shared how they produce Ysabel's Daughter products made with 100% all natural and synthetic-free bath and body products using the most important ingredient, honey. Now, they curated something new with the honey and infused ginger into their face and body mist. 

Ginger has been known to be wildly used as a spice for culinary purposed but for skin, its known to be an effective anti-inflammatory that can be a relief to burnt skin. Ginger is also used as disinfectant that is why it is also an effective cleansing agent. Combined with honey, it aims to provide a refreshing sensation for each use. 

A new soap was also introduced made with Green Apple.Green apple is a specific type of apple also known as "Granny Smith Cultivar" that is thought to be a mixture between two different species, and it bears numerous benefits for the skin, which includes antioxidants and fibers. With this soap, it will help the skin remain elastic and youthful. I am lucky to be able to use it first-hand during the event. (Watch the short video of the event below.)

It was also a great idea that they partnered the food with the new products, from the appetizer with ginger, Ginger Tea and Caramelized Green Apple (which I really love and craving right now!).

I love this dessert so much!!!

Of course, I am so happy to meet my fellow bloggers and favorite vloggers during the event! 

I will be posting a separate post for my review of the Ginger Face and Body Mist + Green Apple Bar Soap. If you want to know more about Ysabel's Daughter, visit them on their social media pages here: 

Instagram: @ysabelsdaughter

Have a great day, thank you for reading! 

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