My 2nd Shopping Experience at Sephora + Haul

Wednesday, November 9, 2016 Philippines


I hope that Sephora Philippines will be like the website in Sephora USA wherein almost all of the brands are available! For example, they offer Urban Decay, YSL and Christian Louboutin but that means more damage to my wallet...LOL. 

Anyway, I want the Manizer Sisters Palette even though I already have all the highlighters in separate packaging. The palette still comes handy specially for travels. The time that it was released, its not available in The Balm stores and only Instagram sellers has it. During that moment, I lack the budget to buy it so I ignored it. 

Lately though, I see a lot of Instagram sellers offering this palette for only 150php...that is way too peculiar because the original price of this palette is at least 1200php. I am afraid there are fakes being sold in the market. 

While browsing Sephora the other month, I saw that Sephora Philippine just re-stocked the Manizer Sisters! Yay! This time, I have an extra to spare! I immediately bought it knowing that this is more safe than the palette being sold in Instagram. They still have a few stocks left just in case you want to purchase. 

Review will be posted soon, thank you for reading! 

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