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Friday, November 11, 2016 Philippines


Last November 11, 2016, I was glad to be invited to TrueTea's Blogger's Night at One Tagaytay. It is my first time to go far for an event and I am beyond excited. We arrived quite early so we were able to enjoy the scenery and the good food at Amacena (I will post a separate entry for the Amacena Restaurant) in One Tagaytay. 

The event was held at the Ballroom Hall of One Tagaytay. I am curious because it is my first time to hear about an Iced Tea that has no sugar added. Non-sugar products are being produced widely around the globe but the importance of using it is not appreciated. 

Consuming more sugar than necessary can develop into a Diabetes, a disease that is commonly diagnosed in the Philippines. The disease itself is not fatal but the complications that comes with it are. According to a study, if Filipinos will not be aware of its complications and continues the consumption of high sugar containing food, we will be a part of the Top 10 countries with the most population of people diagnosed with Diabetes anytime soon. Scary but its a fact. We may not be aware but we do practice this everyday. 

For example, Every time that there is a celebration or we dine outside, sodas are part of our routine. Even fast food offers sodas as the main choice of drinks over water. I even order iced tea over carbonated drinks because I thought that it is safer than sodas.

To my surprise, Iced Tea contains more sugar content than carbonated drinks! (Here I am thinking that I am taking less sugar with Iced Teas...LOL) Thanks to the game prepared by the people behind True Tea, I am now aware of the sugar contents of drinks that we usually consume everyday and I am going to share it with you. 

First question, how much sugar do you think is recommended for adults per day? The recommended sugar is different for males vs females. Let us quantify the amount using teaspoons and let me rephrase the question into, how much sugar do you think is recommended for males and females in teaspoons per day?

Second question, which of the following drinks do you love to consume most days?  Is it Flavored drinks, Energy drinks, Iced Tea, Sodas or Fruit Juice?

The answer to the recommended use of sugar in our drinks is 6 teaspoons for females and 9 teaspoons for male per day! (Where is the equality here? LOL...males can consume more chocolates than women! LOL.)

Anyway, if we will give it a more deep thought, its only 6 teaspoons per day for me and I knew that I use more than 6 teaspoons per day. 

Now back to my second question, did you already pick your favorite drink? It is because I am now sharing the sugar content of each drink. 

For those who chose flavored drinks, do you know that the sugar content is 11 teaspoons? You already surpass the 6 or 9 teaspoons of sugar per day just by drinking one bottle! Believe it or not, there are days that we consume more than one bottle per day, agree?

How about for those who chose energy drinks? The sugar content for a can or bottle of energy drink is 9 teaspoons. In men, they can take one can or bottle per day but males should also take note that sugar is also included in the food that we consume. For females though, it will also surpass our recommended dose of sugar. 

For those who chose fruit juice because its healthier, it also has a high amount of sugar of 7 teaspoons! It is still over the recommended teaspoons per day! 

The most consumed product that I believe everyone is guilty about - the Sodas! Fast food chains and restaurants offers sodas as the free drink in our meals. One soda can or glass contains 9 teaspoons of sugar. Its sad but like me, I consume two to three glasses of soda per day if I cannot upgrade it into Iced Tea because its the drink included in my meals whenever I do take-outs, deliveries and dine-ins for free. I never thought that its not safe for my body. 

For the Iced Tea lovers like me who prefers drinking it over carbonated drinks. We thought wrong that it contains less sugar because it contains MORE sugar. The sugar included in one bottle or glass is 10 teaspoons!!! 

I learned all of this information thanks to Ms. Michelle Estrada of TrueTea. TrueTea was made by GX International Incorporated (GXI), a Filipino-owned pharmaceutical company founded in 1991 by Mr. Rodolfo Gracia. Their mission is to seek for options so that quality treatment may not have to be expensive. Throughout the years, GXI was able to prove in medical community that medicines can be made affordable without compromising the quality. The products are made from reputable international suppliers and GMP-certified national toll manufacturers. Their items are distributed by Metro Drug, Incorporated nationwide. In 2003, GXI was honored as the Consumer's Choice "Most Outstanding Pharmaceutical Company" by the Consumers League of the Philippines Foundation, Incorporated. In 2005, they were awarded as the "Most Outstanding Patient-Centered Pharmaceutical Company and the Most Outstanding Economically-Focused Drug Manufactured by the Philippine Quality Awards for Business Excellence".

GXI, One Tagaytay Team, Host Ms. Bianca Saldua and Chef Luigi Muhlach

GXI with TrueTea now made it possible to have an Iced Tea with no sugar added plus low in calories! It is all thanks to this plant, Stevia. 

Stevia leaves tastes sweet and it can a substitute for sweeteners. It has the same sweetness as sugar but when we consume it, in the digestive tract, it becomes into stevioside that breaks down into glucose and steviol. However, as steviol, it is not further digested nor absorbed into bloodstream unlike sugar. In the end, we excrete it. 

We can now enjoy the goodness of refreshments with naturally sweetened iced tea with Stevia, real black tea leaves and Vitamin C. One box of TrueTea Iced tea contains 4 sachets of Iced Tea. 

Made by GXI, they also have Green Stevia, it is a sweetener without the guilt. You can now substitute your sugar with the use of Green Stevia - the purified powdered extract from Stevia leaves. 

Let us help GXI in their mission to decrease the incidence of Diabetes and practice a healthier lifestyle through our choices. Green Stevia and TrueTea Iced Tea are available in Robinsons Supermarket, SM Supermakets, Rustans Supermarket, Landmark Supermarket, Waltermart, Shopwise, Pure Gold, Super 8, Mercury Drug, Fisher Mall, Cash and Carry, Market Market and so much more! 

We were also graced with Chef Luigi Muhlach's amazing dishes in One Tagaytay Hotel. Best food that I tried this 2016! I already want to come back at One Tagaytay Hotel and eat at Amacena Restaurant!

With Ms. Mae Ilagan of When In Manila, Ms. Aisa of, Chef Luigi Muhlach, Ms. Ana of

The food served were cooked with Stevia. Each dish is amazing and I am now sharing the photos of the dishes made by Chef Luigi Muhlach! Of course, the beverage served is TrueTea Iced Tea. 


Cream of Corn Soup

Rocky Salad - Oh oh oh I love the dressing!

Potato Grating

American Baked Spareribs Coupled with Stevia - The meat is so tender and tasty! 

Cajun Fish Fry with Morocan Salsa

Roasted Rosemary Brined Chicken Inclusive with Stevia

Spaghetti Concasse Pasta

New York Stevia Cheese Cake! Oh my - this cheesecake is so good! Its sweet but made by Stevia!

Christmas came early for me and I am so happy, thank you so much GXI! 

That's it for this post because I will be sharing a separate entry for my experience at One Tagaytay and Amacena Restaurant! Thank you for reading and have a great week!

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