Celeteque DermoCosmetics: Eyebrow Nourishing Serum

Friday, November 4, 2016 Philippines


Ever since I was young, I am blessed to have a bushy eyebrows. I think my Testosterone is a little higher than usual because I tend to grow hair fast. That is why I always need to trim my eyebrows and hair. At first, I hate it because I find my hair heavy and thick and my frequent visit to salons for eyebrow threading is quite expensive. Later on though, when I discovered the wonders of cosmetics and beauty world, I realized that it is easier to trim than to grow. 

Some girls though have thin eyebrows genetically. That is why there are products being invented to help our eyebrows grow faster. I usually see it in Asian brands that are not yet famous and because I do not need it, I did not even dared to buy one. 

Even though I am blessed with a bushy eyebrows, they tend to easily break. I also notice that it falls one to two pieces from time to time. I am so glad to find out that one of our local brands, Celeteque, created an eyebrow nourishing serum! Now, I know a product that I can personally recommend because it is tested and surely safe. I hope that it could also improve the strands of my eyebrows. 

Just for the sake of sharing it here on my blog as well as because its the first product that I am interested to try, I started using it after I had my eyebrow threading done. I wanted to observe if it will improve my eyebrows. 

Brand: Celeteque

Type: Eyebrow Serum

Weight: 4g

Product Description:

How To Use: 


The brush is the same as the eyebrow mascaras that we use. 


My eyebrows usually grow around two weeks after I had a threading done. When I started using this serum, the time of growth of stray hair is the same but I noticed that my eyebrows looked thicker on the sparse areas though it is not that noticeable after a few weeks. In one month of use, the thickness of my eyebrows are much more appreciated. 

My eyebrows became stronger and the falling of my eyebrow hair lessened after a month of use. 


I do not particularly like the scent of the serum. It is quite strong for me and it smells like alcohol. 


Buy again? 70% (It is not my priority to use it. I do recommend it to those who want to improve the thickness of their eyebrows because this product is carefully tested and approved.)

Overall Rating: 3/5

Price: 595php

Where to buy? Celeteque Website, Celeteque Counters on Department Stores and Watsons. 

Yay! Stay tuned as I will post a giveaway on my next blog post! Have a good day everyone!

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