Cathy Doll Now Available in 7-11 Stores

Thursday, November 3, 2016 Philippines


Earlier this year, I am so lucky to try the new brand Cathy Doll that is now available in the Philippines. They have so much amazing products that I cannot wait to try it all! 

Enough chatting and let me get to the point! Did you know that Cathy Doll wanted to make it easier for us? How?! They just made it more convenient to use to try their products buy offering trial sachets that are now available in 7-11 stores! Amazing, right? 

This way, you will be able to try their best sellers through sachets before actually purchasing the full size products. Some of their best sellers are included on the photo below, like the Ready 2 White Cream Pack, Water Splash Essence with Glutathion and the Whitening Sunscreen. 

You can check out my blog for some of their items that I was already able to try and reviewed. Their products are affordable and great! I hope you will be able to try it! Oh and because I wanted you to try it, I am giving away one Whitening Sunscreen together with the other items to celebrate my birthday!

To know more about Cathy Doll, check out their Facebook page here. For their Instagram page, follow them at @cathdollphils. Have fun!

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