Head Turner: How To Be A Selfie Expert

Thursday, August 25, 2016 Philippines


Capturing great photos is not an easy task specially when you do not have a companion to take one for you. I know that others can make it look so easy by taking their own photos by themselves but it takes time, patience and practice. It is easier said than done but do remember girls and boys, practice makes it perfect. 

Selfie is a word which means taking a self-portrait photograph though the word became famous when front lens camera for mobile phones were invented. It has now been an important feature of a mobile phone and most users look for a reliable and good quality camera phone. 

As a beauty blogger, I need to take a lot of selfies so I could share it here on my blog. From every product that I use and to every look that I create. I get jokes and praises from my fellow beauty bloggers because I can take a selfie even with the use of a Nikon DSLR which is quite heavy. (Well, I just think of it as a good work-out for my arms...LOL)

To get you started on how to be a selfie expert, let me share with you 5 selfie tips that is applicable to whatever device you plan to use. 

1. Have a high resolution and reliable mobile phone. 

Your phone does not need to be expensive. Just look for a feature that will give you a resolution for your pictures being captured. Your primary lens should be at least 13MP (some good digital cameras have 12MP) and your secondary lens should be at least 8MP. There are a lot of non-expensive phones that offers these features and it includes the latest phone by Oppo - the F1 Selfie Expert phone. I am already thinking if I should get one myself because it is really a good mobile phone that can accompany me in my events and selfie moments.

2. Know your angle. 

Do not be afraid to take multiple shots to get your correct angle. You can find your perfect shot in all the photos that you take. Pick one then post it online. 

Eventually when you are so used in taking your photos, it will be easy for you to get the right angle even from your first shot.

3. Good lighting

Yes, lighting matters. Capturing your photos in a dark confined space can interfere with the quality of your picture. There are led lights you can attach to your phone being sold in the market now that can be an added accessory to your mobile phone but nothing beats natural lighting. 

4. Just be yourself!

Remember, you are going to share it on your social media accounts. Sharing it publicly can gain fans or haters. Be proud of yourself, forget the haters. 

5. Relax and Enjoy!

What is the point of taking your photos if you do not enjoy doing it, right? I believe in the saying that you should love what you do so you could create great products. I apply this saying to my work, blogging and even taking photos. 

With my friend Jing of www.mykikaystuff.com

I hope these five tips will be able to help you. Let me know if you will be practicing what I shared by tagging me on your photos and let me be the first one to like your head turning photos! Yay! Thank you for reading and have a great weekend my loves! 

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