Red Cherry Eyelashes: Ivy 415 Black

Wednesday, August 24, 2016 Philippines


If only eyelash extensions are not expensive, I prefer wearing it more over using a mascara. The beauty that eyelash extensions gives our eyes is different. It makes my eyes fluttery like a doll. I only use it here in the Philippines for special occasions because sometimes there are people who find it odd when you wear full makeup with eyelash extensions everyday. Personally though, I have moods that I just want to use everything that I have and wear a full makeup on because...why not? Right? I spend money and time buying, reviewing my own collection to share here on my blog and yet I will not use it everyday. It will be a total waste. So, when I feel like it, I wear false lashes at work. You should too whenever you feel like it. 

I got this sample from Sample Room. Red Cherry Lashes originated from Indonesia and it is being officially distributed by here in the Philippines.  

There are various styles offered by Red Cherry Lashes but I was able to get the 415 Black from Sample Room. So, here is my review!

Brand: Red Cherry Eyelashes

Type: 415 Black

Weight: Not Specified

Product Description: Not specified aside from the authorized distributor and where it is made. 

Ingredients: Not specified but it is made from 100% human hair.


I was skeptical when I first opened the packaging because I saw that the strip is thin, I am afraid that I will break it even before successfully using it. I was wrong though because even though that the strip is thin, it holds it shape and it is strong enough that I can re-use the lashes. 

Since the strip is thin and fine, I do not need to thicken my eye liner just to hide the strip of the lashes. The strip is also almost transparent. This way, my lashes looked more natural to my eyes. 

The lashes are light and it does not cover my line of vision unlike those made with synthetic hair. 

The lashes fitted the shape of my eyes well, I felt no need to cut it. The length of this lashes is the same from one side to the other side. 

The Ivy 415 Black is natural looking with full, dark black eyelashes. The length and volume is moderate to full that is ideal for daily use and special occasions. 


It is a little expensive but worth it. Specially since I can re-use it.

Buy again? 100% (I cannot wait to try the other styles from Red Cherry and share it here on my blog too!)

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: 160php

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