Anastasia Beverly Hills: Dipbrow Pomade In Medium Brown

Monday, August 22, 2016 Philippines


When my sisters and nieces pestered me almost everyday to try this eyebrow pomade that they are using and calling it their "Holy Grail", I finally gave in. I bought one from Calyxta and here it is! 

I promised during my first time of using it at the Kojie-san Unbeaten event that I will post my review about it soon! As promised, here I am posting my detailed thoughts about it. 

Well, it is sad to say that Anastasia Beverly Hills brand is not yet readily available in the Philippines. I bought it from a legit online shop, Calyxta and there are Instagram sellers that caters this brand as well as its other products such as the famous highlighter. 

My first choice of shade is Taupe but at that time, it is out of stock. Instead, I chose my second preference, medium brown. 

Without further ado, I will now proceed to my review and find out if I will love it as much as my family did. 

Brand: Anastasia Beverly Hills

Type: Pomade

Weight: 4g

Shade: Medium Brown

Product Description: 



I am impressed with its long lasting power as well as it is water and sweat proof. When I wash my face without using a makeup remover first, the pomade stays on my eyebrows unless I rubbed the soap a little hard on my eyebrows to remove it. I think it can be an ally for swimming and you still want to have the perfect brows. 

I already have a lot of  hair on my eyebrows but its not even. There are sparse areas that I still need to fill in. Plus my right eyebrow is shorter than my left. I need to fix that everyday. I do not need much of this product but I need to use it to make my eyebrows more beautiful. (Check my photos below.)

This pomade is waxy but works like an eyeliner gel. The pigment is very high and I mean it, the first few attempts I look like a part of the Alice in Wonderland character wherein my eyebrows are the big part of my body. (I suggest that you practice using it until you can learn what is the best look for you.)

I love the jar! Its glass like that makes it luxurious. Its small enough that I can include it on my makeup kit for travels. This jar will last long because its highly pigmented, I only need a small amount so this will last me long. 

The color is great because it looks natural. To answer the question if I agree that it is a holy grail? I am afraid its a yes for me too. In what way? Well, its the most stubborn eyebrow product that I was already able to try. Second, its the most natural look that I was able to create. So yes, its my new favorite!


It is a little expensive. I am trying to think positive that for a 1200php of eyebrow pomade, it is going to last me for 6 months. The packaging suggests its expiration of 6 months upon opening. 

It is not readily available in the Philippines. Make sure that you buy from a legit store, okay? Beware of scammers. 

There are a lot of reviews that I was able to watch that it easily dries up. So make sure to use it well and seal it tightly. 

It does not come with an eyebrow brush, invest on an angled one. Anastasia also sells their own eyebrow brush but it is up to you on what to use. 

Seriously, its not easy to use! I do not recommend this for starters. Even me who uses makeup everyday is having a hard time applying it. To add to that, doing my eyebrows was never my forte. The first few tries, I am applying it too dark. I need to learn to lighten the pressure of my hand when I use it. I still fail in doing it right from time to time specially when I am in a hurry. 


Before (No Eyebrow Product)

After (With Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Medium Brown)

Buy again? 100% (But I might try the Taupe shade next time.)

Overall Rating: 4/5 (I would give it a 5 if only it is easy to use.)

Price: 1200php

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