Silka Celebrates 15 Amazing Years: Continues To Give The Skin You Love

Saturday, July 23, 2016 Philippines


Even years ago, Silka is not new to me. I see it regularly being used by my sisters specially the Papaya Whitening Soap that is known to be effective. Usually they use the soap on their face and neck to whiten it. I can remember my sister advising (more like dictating...LOL) me to use it since I looked darker than my usual skin tone because of my frequent exposure to sun (through swimming) back in high school. 

As one of the most recognized skin care brands in the Philippines, Silka is now celebrating their 15 amazing years of providing us the soft and beautiful skin. In time with the celebration, they are also launching their new products. You want to know their new babies? Wait, because I will reveal it later on! 

I am so happy to be able to attend the celebration and launch of the new products. I was invited by Ms. Rochelle of as her plus one during the said event. (Yay! I am really excited because it is my first time to attend a Silka event!)

The event was held last July 23, 2016 11AM at Trinoma Mall. I am amazed with the set up of the event. Just the color theme used reminded me of a Silka soap. The entrance hallway into the event has the historic photos of Silka in summary of their amazing 15 years. 

The event started as Ms. Joyce Pring gave an introduction to the massive success of previous Silka soaps and lotions. 

Ms. Jane Co, Silka's Marketing Manager, shared that Silka is confident that Filipinas will also love and enjoy the new products that they will reveal. She quoted, "We at Silka are honored that our consumers nationwide has continuously made our soaps and lotions their preferred partner when it comes to whiter, more beautiful skin. With the launch of our new product variants, we are introducing our users to the next level  when it comes to skin care: more than fairer skin, you will love your skin even more as it gets more nourished and moisturized after every use.".

Watch the unveiling of the new products by Silka: 

Were you able to take a peek at the new Silka products? How about the beautiful bloggers saying hello? LOL. Yup, that is definitely us! :)

There are many activities that Silka has prepared for the guests. The event is open to public and the launch is also intended to inspire every Filipina to be more confident with themselves. 

What are the activities that can level up your confidence that you can enjoy? 

First, you can have your selfie taken with Piolo Pascual and Iya Arellano standees. 

Second, have your make-up done by professionals and level up your look! 

You can also enjoy dancing in their No Sweat Zone, Singing Bae booth and playing games inside the event! There are a lot of Silka products up for grabs! Rochelle and Kaycee had fun playing the question and answer game!

Silka products are well displayed inside the event. I can't help but take pictures and more pictures. Seeing all of the displayed products has been a part of our life for 15 years, amazing right? The feeling is nostalgic. 

Now, are you ready for the new variants from Silka? Watch my unboxing below: 

Silka is leveling up their game with the newest addition of the Silka Premium Moisturizing Lotion with SPF23 and Silka Moisturizing Soap with Avocado Oil and Almond Milk Protein as well as the Silka Whitening Soap with Shea Butter which joins and complemented the Silka Whitening Lotion SPF23 with Shea Butter back in 2013. 

The Silka Premium Moisturizing Lotion with SPF23 and Silka Moisturizing Soap with Avocado Oil and Almond Milk Protein is especially formulated with avocado oil and almond milk known for providing smoother, fairer skin. It also has an added protection of SPF23 to protect the skin from harmful rays of the sun. It is available in 50ml, 100ml and 200ml. 

To complement the widely successful Silka Whtiening Lotion SPF23 with Shea Butter, the new Silka Whitening Soap with Shea Butter nourishes and moisturizes the skin with the added protection of SPF23. This soap produces a creamy lather in a luscious mild butter scent. 

Join us as we launch the "The Skin You Love" campaign intended to inspire us Filipinas to be more confident with ourselves. With every use of Silka's whitening soaps and moisturizing lotions, Filipinas come close to having the skin they love. All soaps and lotions are available in all majore stores and supermarkets nationwide. 

Before my post end, of course, I have to post my mandatory photos with my fellow bloggers. Oh yeah! :)

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