Liese Creamy Bubble Color: Milk Tea Brown

Sunday, July 3, 2016 Philippines


I love coloring my hair specially with the blonde shades. I just feel that I look better when my hair is dyed in a lighter color than pure black because my skin looks more fair. 

I saw this new brand from my blogger friends and I admit I really envy them during the event that they attended because I love coloring my hair too! Its a new brand and a do it yourself hair dye, of course its a must-try! My hands are really itchy that I wanted to try it really soon that I am already losing sleep because I cannot wait for my payday!

Before, I used to use Lolane and I ask or more like bother my sister to do it for my hair. However, it stopped when she went abroad. I had no choice but to go to Piandre to have my haircut and hair color done there. The problem is, it is hard to maintain hair color done by a salon because it is definitely expensive (ranges from 2,000-2,500php) and with my monthly income as a nurse, I have to get real. 

Anyway, I cannot help myself and the curiosity in me reigns. I went to Landmark last payday in Trinoma just to buy this new Liese Creamy Bubble Color!

There are a lot of shades available on their Facebook page but the available colors in Landmark are limited. The one that I bought for myself is the Milk Tea Brown. 

Shades available in Trinoma

Liese is a Japanese brand of do it yourself hair dye. They made it easier for us to achieve an evenly applied colored hair. It will be totally hassle-free and affordable. 

Each box contains the following items: 

1. Solution 1 - 34ml

The Solution 1 is the color of the dye. This bottle will be poured into bottle 2. The ingredients: 


2. Solution 2 - 66ml

The solution 2 is the bottle going to be used for the pump. Its bottle is easy to squeeze. The ingredients:


3. Pump - this pump dispenses the liquid solution into a foam

4. Pair of gloves

5. Rinse off Treatment

This works like a conditioner. After the shampoo, you will apply the treatment and rinse it off. The ingredients: 


Are you now ready for my review? Because I am sure excited to share it no matter what. LOL. 

Brand: Liese

Type: Creamy Bubble Color (Hair Dye)

Shade: Milk Tea Brown

Product Description: 

How It Works: 

Watch my short video on how to use this Liese Creamy Bubble Color in Milk Tea Brown. I am new to capturing myself for vlogging so please have patience! :)

Basically, all you have to do is to pour the solution 1 into the solution 2. Turn and tilt the bottle over five times (do not shake) then replace the cap with the pump. 

Make sure your hair is dry before applying the dye into your hair. Squeeze the bottle in the middle and pour the foam into your hands (wear your gloves) then put the foam on your hair. Apply the foam generously into your hair. 


Super easy to use! No need to bother anyone to apply a hair dye on you like in my case, I can now regularly do it myself at the comfort of my own home.

The instructions are easy to follow. They even have instructions for allergy testing before use. In terms of allergies, I did not experience any adverse reactions. 

Affordable. Since I can now routinely do it all by myself, no need to go to a salon to have my hair colored. Plus, one box (which is enough for the thickness and length of my hair) is only 449php! If you have a longer and thicker hair, Liese suggested that you may use at least two boxes. Buying two boxes of Liese is still cheaper than having it done by salons. 

The main reason on why I love it is because it applied the hair color evenly on my hair even up to the roots. No worry of missing a spot.

My hair remained soft and smooth after coloring unlike the other hair color products that I was able to try. 

There are many colors to choose from! I can change it monthly if I wanted to!


In contrary to the label that it is a low smelling formula, I do not find it any lighter than usual hair dyes. 

Also, according to its packaging it is not meant to cover gray or white hair. In my case, I already have some white hair but it managed to be covered well. I think it depends on the severity of your gray or white hair and how much product you will use. 

At first, I experienced a little sting on the left side of my scalp but it quickly subsided. 

Read the precautions carefully, it may not be suitable for people with sensitive skin. You can do an allergy test first with this formula before fully proceeding. 

Just a note though, they do not recommend it to be used on your eyebrows. For this color, my eyebrows matched my hair well through the use of Etude House Brow Mascara in shade #4. 


I love my overall experience and I cannot wait to try out the other colors as well! I definitely recommend it. 

Buy again? 100% (Yes yes yes!)

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: 449php

Where to buy? Liese Philippines Facebook Page, Selected Landmark stores, Selected Robsinson's Department Store and Supermarket, SM Hypermarket, PCX, Metro Gaisano, CSI. * You can check exact accredited stores on their Facebook Page *

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