Caronia: Nail Hardener and Base Coat

Monday, July 4, 2016 Philippines


As I am getting addicted in doing my own nails lately, I need to start investing on my must-haves. My sister's stash that she left me before going abroad already dried off so I need to buy a new ones. 

I have to start with the base coat. The base coat makes the nail polish last longer and avoid chipping off. Also, it prevents the nails from turning yellow after removing the polish. 

While I was buying my Liese Hair Color, I saw this good base coat with nail hardener by Caronia. I bought both that day. 

Let us check it out now, shall we?

Brand: Caronia

Type: Nail Hardener and Base Coat

Weight: 30ml

How To Use and Ingredients: 


The nail hardener made my nails stronger because frequent cleaning of my nails makes it brittle. The base coat made my nail polish last longer. 

It is easy to apply and dries easily. No need to wait for a long time before proceeding in the application of nail polish. 

After removing my nail polish for one week, my nails did not turned yellow with the help of this base coat. 

The brush is easy to use and it can spread the base coat well and evenly. 



The ingredient contains Formaldehyde that is considered a carcinogen. Upon research though, most nail polish products contains Formaldehyde and others may even contain Dibutyl and Toluene. Do not ditch this just because they indicated that they contain Formaldehyde because the experiment in California last 2011, there are nail brands who labeled their products as non-toxic and indicated that they do not contain the big three, however upon testing it in the laboratory, it still got a positive result for these chemicals. 

Formaldehyde is not used in its purest form for the nail hardeners and nail polish, a small amount is added on the product to keep bacteria away upon storage and continued use. The FDA does not object if a small amount is included in the product like in nail hardeners. (Based from the article of Women's Health) 

Its scent is quite strong so I suggest that just use it with precaution, you are being exposed through inhalation. So make sure you get a good ventilation while using this to avoid inhaling most of it. Other than that, using this is no problem for me. :)


Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 4/5

Price: 54.75php

Where to buy? Caronia Stores (Landmark Department Stores, SM Department Stores, Watsons, local drugstores and supermarkets)

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