Sally Hansen Mega Shine Top Coat: Transparent Clear

Thursday, July 14, 2016 Philippines


Since my sister's stash for nails are already dry, I bought a new top coat at BDJ's Glam Indulgence event because it is on sale. Its the perfect timing to refill my own collection. 

This is my first time to try a top coat by Sally Hansen. According to the attendant of Sally Hansen at the event, this Mega Shine is their best seller for top coat. 

Let us now review it, shall we? 

Brand: Sally Hansen

Type: Mega Shine

Shade: Transparent Clear (Top Coat)

Weight: 12.7ml

Product Description: 


How To Use: 


I like it as a top coat because it is easy to apply over dry polish and one coat is enough to spread on my whole nail. 

The top coat quickly dries but not as fast as the declared 60 seconds on packaging. Using this top coat made my nail polish last for a week without chip but with a little scratch marks. It started to chip off on edges after a week. 

The top coat will last long because you can use it up to 24 months from opening. 

I love the glossy finish it gives on my nails with or without nail polish. 


Make sure your polish is really dry before applying the top coat. I tried using it while my nail polish is slightly dry and it ruined the look of my polish. (Bloopers...)

The manufacturing date is indicated on the box only. 


I used the top coat over Sally Hansen's Au-Nature-al Nail Polish. 

Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: 445php

Where to buy? Sally Hansen stores.

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