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Monday, June 27, 2016 Philippines


VMV is known for their great skin care that is perfect for sensitive skin. For the many years that I was walking along the halls of Trinoma, I honestly did not know that they offer facials inside. I was introduced to it months ago by my good friend and blogger, Jing of mykikaystuff.com. She treated me for a facial together with her. It served as our bonding time monthly too. 

The VMV's shop is all in white and organized. It looked so clean and luxurious. At first, I thought that their products were expensive but as I was introduced to it, I learned that they are affordable. 

VMV offers different types of facials depending on your target and for each one, it has its own subcategory. The following facials are:

1. Cosmeceuticals Facials - Each facial from this category lasts 60 minutes

a. Anti-Aging
b. Brightening
c. Acne and Facial

2. Classic Super Skin Facials - Each facial from this category lasts 60 minutes

a. Surf and Turf - for combination skin
b. Club Scrub - for oily skin
c. Sweet Creams - for dry skin

3. Skintensive Care Facials 

a. Youth, the whole youth, nothing but the youth - Lasts 75 minutes. For anti-aging.
b. Oh so N-ice - Lasts 60 minutes. For redness on skin. 
c. Let Down Your Stresses - Lasts 90 minutes. For skin pampering.
d. Glycolic Acid Peels - Lasts 30 minutes. For hypoallergenic skin peeling. 

4. Skin-A-Jiffy Mini Facials - Each facial under this category lasts 30 minutes

a. Skin Picker-Upper - Clarifying and Hydrating
b. Waltzing Matte-ilda - Mattifying the oily skin
c. All "Dew" Respect - Moisturizing dry skin

I know that I have a combination skin type and the facial recommended for me is the Surf and Turf. Do not worry though if you do not know your skin type because their consultant are ready to assess and help you in any of your concern. 

Back to the Facial, they have bath robes and slippers to changed into because the facial that will be done is up to your clavicles and shoulders and to avoid your clothes being stained by the products, they have bathrobe ready for you. 

They also asked us to take off our jewelries or watches and they have a box where you can keep it as well as the area you can leave your bags. 

VMV already prepared everything and all I have to do is just lie comfortably on their treatment bed. The clinic at Trinoma can accommodate two guests at the same time. Make sure that you place an appointment ahead because they are always fully booked. 

The products are displayed on top of the shelf inside the treatment area. It looks so nice to collect all their products displayed like this at home too. 

Surf and Turf will be done for 60 minutes and its target is for combination skin type (like me). It has a balanced fusion of calming, softening moisture therapy plus a thorough cleaning of blemishes. 

The process started with the cleansing of my face followed by a facial scrub (which is my favorite part). After they cleaned my face from the facial scrub, I was exposed to a hot steam to open up my pores. I think it lasted for 10 to 15 minutes. 

During my first time, I was surprised that I was not left alone by the skin care consultant because while I was having my skin exposed to steam, they proceed in doing a full arms massage. This is new to me, my usual facial from other clinic leaves me alone during the steaming time. 

Since my pores already opened up during the steam, they proceed to the pricking. Their pricking process is gentle and I did not experience any trauma. 

Of course, they had to put a Monolaurin Gel on my skin after pricking because it acts as an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacteria. If you are going to try their facial, expect this part to be a little difficult because the scent of the Gel is really strong and it sting on some parts of my skin. 

The facial massage is being done throughout the facial but after the gel they took time to massage my skin as well as my shoulders and neck. 

Next step is the application of the facial mask and while the mask is waiting to be dried, a head massage is being done. 

After the mask was removed with a cold and wet cotton, the toner was applied as well as an eye cream and a lip balm. It is my first time to have an eye cream and lip balm included in a facial. 

Next is the application of moisturizer and their famous Armada Sunblock. 

The thing that I love with VMV's Surf and Turf is is its whole pampering experience. Its quite luxurious and I would give it a high rating. Plus, it is not traumatizing. This is the facial that made me maintain it until today though there are times that I skip a month if I have a tight schedule. 

The price of Surf and Turf per session is 1250php and I recommend it because the facial is worth the price. 

Check out my before and after photo. If you can observe on my before photo, it looked dull and pale. After the invigorating facial, my skin has a glow specially on the nose part. My cheeks looked blushing and my whole face just look brighter! When looked closely, most of my blackheads were also removed. Excuse some of the inflammation from my skin though. I took this shot less than an hour after my facial. 

I can't wait for my next appointment. Its a routine that I look forward to monthly. Thank you Jing for introducing me to VMV, I am now addicted to their facials and products. 

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