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Tuesday, June 28, 2016 Philippines


Last June 25, I was cordially invited for a Wellness Weekend by Ysabel's Daughter. A brand that is proudly made in the Philippines that promotes wellness and celebrates nature by creating their products 100% organic and synthetic-free. It is my first time to try out this brand and I am really excited!

This event is the perfect chance for me to know about Ysabel's Daughter Bath and Body Products. I will be able to know their history, goals and what it latest that they offer. At this time, their new products are the face and body mist as well as a new line of bar soaps. 

I had fun checking out all the products that they offer. I love aromatic bath essentials and organic products and Ysabel's Daughter's caters both of my reason in choosing what products to use. 

They have a lot to offer from shampoos, conditioner, lotions, bar soaps, body wash and now they extended to a face/body mist. 

From the owner, Ms. Coty Cruz, she personally shared with us the story of Ysabel's Daughter on how it started. Basically, the main reason that she chose to keep synthetic chemicals off her bath and body products is because it turns her off as she knows it can cause adverse reactions with its toxic ingredients. 

She quoted that just because something is applied on the skin, it does not mean that it does not get into the body's system. She has a lot of good point, right? There are a lot of ingredients in skin and household products that can affect hormones, can cause allergic reactions and worst case scenario, it can lead to cancer. 

By using a synthetic-filled product can affect us in a harmful way so why do we need to continue using it? Since Ms. Coty Cruz kept asking herself about this, it led her to create the Ysabel's Daughter Bath and Body. 

Ysabel is a real person and she is Ms. Coty Cruz's mother. She dedicated her products to her mother and named the brand after her. Unfortunately, Ms. Ysabel is not present in the event because she lives a little far from the area, I would love to meet her too. 

Ysabel's Daughter believes that every clients has the right to know on what is inside the product that they buy and use and they are transparent and honest in the products that they produce. 

One of their main ingredients is the use pf honey that is produced from their own backyard. Honey has a natural antibacterial and healing properties and it is known even during the ancient times. It is famously used to treat soldiers' wounds. Besides its antibacterial properties, the honey also has the ability to moisturize, soothe the skin, protect it from skin damage. 

I am amazed that they have their own backyard bee colony. 

The event is not all about knowing about Ysabel's Daughter, they also wanted us to experience their products by having a pampering afternoon with them. While waiting for my turn at Foot Spa and Massage, I was able to check out their products and ate the delicious food that they served. 

I did not get dizzy in smelling all their products because all of it are wonderfully aromatic. I am already imagining what my room would smell like if I stock up on these items at home. I will now share with you their products available. 

When we use commercial soaps, it may contain chemicals that can have adverse reactions like triclosan that interacts with chlorine in the water that forms chloroform gas that can disrupt our hormones. Our skin is such a highly protective organ and we should be taking care of it by using non-harmful products. We can keep our skin healthy and clean by using organic and synthetic-free products just like the Ysabel's Daughter. The bar soaps by Ysabel's Daughter are: 

1. Avena Whitening Soap

The Avena Whitening Soap lightens skin tone, it has a natural UVB-Blocking properties, it moisturizes while it also cleanses the skin and most of all, it helps in preventing wrinkles. 

The bar is enriched with Shea Butter that contains Vitamins A and E which are natural antioxidants. It also acts as a natural emollient and moisturizer that prevents wrinkle-formation. The products used are non-toxic, non-irritating. Also, the shea butter has natural UVB protection and anti-inflammatory properties. 

The Avena sativa is a scientific word for oats that is also a part of this soap to help skin moisturized and healed. 

2. Olea Moisturizing Soap

The Olea Moisturizing Soap lightenes the skin tone, it has natural UVB-Blocking properties, moisturizes and cleanses the skin and it also prevents wrinkles like the Avena Whitening Soap. 

The ingredient Olive Oil has a high content of Vitamin E that protects skin from free radicals and promotes healthy skin growth. The moisturizing effect prevents wrinkle formation for a smoother and softer look and feel. 

The Olea europaea is the scientific name for olive tree that promotes skin glow and prevents wrinkle formation on skin surface. 

3. Coffea Arabica Firming Bar

The Coffea Arabica Firming Bar helps tighten and tone cellulite pores for reinforced slimming and firming actions. It helps in boosting collagen production for a firmer look and improves skin texture and skin resilience. The soap can gently exfoliate the skin and improve the skin moisture. 

The soap contains Helianthus Annus Sunflower Seed Oil that protects skin from free radical formation and cellular damage. Another ingredient is the oleic acid, a major fatty acid that allows easy absorbency. It also has a natural anti-bacterial properties that keeps skin from developing inflammations. 

4. Vervain Apricot Scrub

This is the newest bar soap in their line and I was able to try it first hand during the event. It smells so good and it gently exfoliated my skin. This is the bar soap that they used for the foot spa. 

Vervain is known to be used as an herbal medicine and it is a natural remedy for bruises, skin infections, insect bites, eczema and other skin disorders. It is famous though for its vibrant scent that can soothe and energize the senses. Combined with honey, it can be used for any skin type. 

5. Grapefruit Soap

Ysabel's Daughter also offers body wash and they have two kinds namely: 

1. Moringa Body Wash with Orange and Walnut

The Moringa Body Wash with Orange and Walnut moisturizes as it cleanses and hydrates the skin. It also promotes skin healing and immune function. The scent relaxes body and mind while it also promotes healthy and vibrant skin. It works as a gentle exfoliant too. 

This wash is boosted with suspended Walnut beads that works as a gentle exfoliant and its sweetened refreshing scent is from the Oranges. 

The Moringa Extract is known for skin purifying properties that works against skin pollutants and stress. It also acts as an active agent treating infections. 

2. Moringa Body Wash with Peppermint

The Moringa Body Wash with Peppermint purifies and revitalizes the skin. It soothes the tired skin and it prevents skin dryness and irritation. Besides moisturizing, it also promoted collagen synthesis and cools down the skin. 

The body wash can remove body dirt and grime with its cooling properties. It is made with honey and peppermint oil that soothes and conditions the skin. It is formulated with mild surfactants which are Coconut-derived to prevent skin dryness and irritation. 

Ysabel's Daughter also has their own version of shampoo and conditioner. The Olea Shampoo keeps hair moisturized all day and the olive scent keeps it fresh-smelling. The shampoo is non-irritating and its honey and Pro Vitamin B5 acts as a protective coating. The Olive Oil is rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin E that keeps hair smooth and healthy. The Pro Vitamin B5 binds, coats and seals the surface of the hair and lubricates the hair shaft to make the strands soft and shiny. 

The Olea Conditioner improves hair moisture and enhances hair shine and texture. It contains an anti-frizz ingredient called Diheptyl Succinate and Capryloyl Glycerin/Sebacic Acid Copolymer that is a 100% natural and sustainable emollient that also enhances shine and texture. The Olive Oil is rich in vitamins that keeps hair smooth, healthy that adds suppleness and vitality to the hair. 

Of course, Ysabel's Daughter also has lotions. Body essentials will not be complete without it.

1. Olive Lotion 

This lotion is rich in vitamins A and E that helps maintain a youthful appearance and restores skin moisture. It also promotes skin radiance and it helps build up collagen that improves the elasticity of the skin. This lotion includes Jojoba Oil that has age-defying properties and promotes healing. It contains Vitamin E, B-Complex and Zinc. 

2. Green Apple Slimming Lotion

This lotion tones the cellulite pores for reinforced slimming action. It helps minimize appearance of orange peel skin and improves skin moisture. It keeps skin hydrated and soft to touch as it also improves skin elasticity. 

The ingredients includes Spirulina Platensis Extract/Soy Isoflavones/Caffeine/Carnitine that helps tighten and tone cellulite pores for reinforced slimming and firming actions. The combination of these ingredients improve skin texture and resilience by boosting collagen production for a firmer looking skin. 

3. Lemon Firming Lotion

This lotion helps boost collagen production for firmer looking skin. It helps in improving skin texture and moisture. The lotion protects skin against free radical formation and cellular damage. It also conditions the skin for a fresh and clean feeling. 

The ingredients includes Lactic Acid, Glycerine, Aqua, Octanoic Acid/Alkyl, Polyglucoside/Citrus Aurantim Amara Extract that improves skin moisture content and offers antimicrobial protection. 

During the event, they also released their new Face and Body Mist with two variants which are the Verbena and Grapefruit.

The whole place during the event is actually Ms. Coty Cruz, zen type home. I love its structure and close to nature style. It definitely made me feel I am in a different place and not in Metro Manila. 

The photo above is the actual view during my foot spa and massage. The therapist used their Vervain Scrub Soap to my feet and legs for the spa. After that, the Moringa with Peppermint lotion was used. 

The foot spa is invigorating and I feel like it is luxurious because my feet were submerged with rose petals in it. The place smells vibrant with floral-like fragrances that soothes and calms my senses. 

The body massage is a relaxing 30 minutes pampering and upon the first stroke, I knew I wanted this massage for awhile now due to busy schedule at work. 

In order to look healthy and glowing, we must practice proper nourishment by choosing the right honest and all-natural products that can also give protection from within. Let your routine hygiene a wonderful bathing experience. 

At the event, I was able to watch Kalel Demetrio in his Cocktail Making Class. I just learned on how to make a Mojito. I wanted to try it at home soon. 

Let us promote wellness and use organic, synthetic-free products that are good for our skin. Ysabel's Daughter is available on line and they deliver nationwide. To order, you can check out their website at www.ysabelsdaughter.com. You can also send an e-mail to them at ysabelsdaughter@gmail.com or contact them at 09188871886. To keep updated, follow them on their social media accounts at:

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