Fashion 21: Water Resistant Liquid Eyeliner in Black

Monday, May 30, 2016 Philippines


Who feels that makeup is not complete without a winged eyeliner or cat's eye look just like me? I feel bare every time that I do not apply eyeliner because there is nothing to make my eyes pop! I simply feel that I look better when I am wearing one. 

Even though I use eyeliner almost everyday, I can't still perfect the application. This reason does not stop me though, anyway practice makes it better, right? For every type of eyeliner that I use, I learn new techniques and different applications depending that makes it easier. I recorded a video of myself on how I apply eyeliner using Fashion 21's water resistant liquid eyeliner. 

Working as a full time nurse requires a long lasting, waterproof makeup and that includes a water resistant eyeliner to prevent smudging from sweat. The Fashion 21 Water Resistant Liquid Eyeliner in black is the first brand that I used as an eyeliner back in College. Since then, I love its long lasting power as well as its smudge-proof capabilities. I just realized that I haven't shared a review about it yet and I am now happy to give my insights about it. 

Brand: Fashion 21

Type: Liquid Eyeliner

Shade: Black

Product Description: Water resistant.

Weight: 9ml



Fashion 21 promises that it is water resistant and it is true. This eyeliner is the best smudge-proof and water proof that I tried. If you are looking for a long lasting, smudge and water proof, I will recommend this eyeliner. 

I used it for the start of my day and after a busy work and the ride home, my eyeliner stayed intact. Even the intensity of the color remained the same. I tend to rub my eyes when I am tired and the eyeliner does not smudge from my rubbing. Yay!

The wand is long and it makes controlling the application a little harder and it takes a little time to get used to it. The brush of the wand is soft, long and thin, I know that others may find it difficult to apply the eyeliner with this kind of brush but I took advantage of its thinness and long bristles. How? I used it to shape the tip of my winged eyeliner. I pressed the long bristles on the outer edge of my eyes and it created a straight stroke. The thinness of the brush makes it easier to draw outlines of my winged eyeliner look. All I have to do after drawing the outlines is to fill up the inside with the eyeliner. (Watch my video below.)

For a waterproof eyeliner, it can easily be removed with the use of makeup remover. It takes time to remove the eyeliner that is close to the roots of my lashes though, it needs a frequent rubbing to fully remove it. 

The eyeliner is locally made and I am proud of that. It is affordable and readily available in our market. 


It takes time before it fully dries so take care of not smudging it while its still wet. 


On this video, watch on how I used the brush to line the edge of my winged eyeliner as well as how I used the tip to draw outlines. 

Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: 135php

Where to buy? Fashion 21 counters at Watsons and Beauty sections on Department stores.

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