Fashion 21: Double Up Mascara

Tuesday, May 31, 2016 Philippines


Mascara application is one of the makeup task that I am too lazy to do. Honestly, I can go out without any mascara on my lashes but when there is a special occasion that I need to attend, I know I got to have a good one. So, I still stock up on mascaras at home. 

Personally, I love the slim and gorgeous red shade of the Fashion 21's Double Up Mascara tube. Its the kind of red that I like to wear whether on clothes or lipstick. The color just looks luxurious. 

I would now proceed to my review. 

Brand: Fashion 21

Type: Mascara

Shade: Black (Its only available in Black)

Weight: 8g

Product Description: Lashes up to 2x Longer Stronger

How To Use: 



The packaging! I am in love with it. 

The mascara has a light scent which is great. 

I tend to rub my eyes and the mascara did not smudged. It also did not smudged even after I sweat. 

The mascara is gentle to my eyes, it does not sting while I remove it with or without makeup remover. It can easily be removed with makeup remover or soap and water. 

The mascara improved the length of my lashes. 

Long lasting. It stayed on my lashes until I removed it. 

Its affordable and readily available. 

The manufactured date is easily seen on the tube for easier tracking. 

The length of the wand is okay, its not too long nor too short. I can manipulate it easily. 

The bristles are great, its rubber and it has a fine small bristles that separates my lashes quite effectively. I can reach my outer and inner lashes easily. It is also easy to apply on my bottom lashes. 


It did not double the length of my lashes but it did improved the length. It did not add volume to my lashes even after several layers of application of the formula. It also does not curl my lashes, I need to use an eyelash curler to lift my lashes. (I suggest that you curl your lashes after the application of mascara, the wand tends to remove the curls of the lashes if you curl it beforehand.)

If I apply more than two or three coats, the mascara already clumps my lashes together. 

The formula takes time to dry, I try not to squint my eyes after application.


It made my skin hair stand and lengthen. 

Even though the packaging advised us to apply the mascara to the bottom lashes vertically, I still find it easier when I apply it horizontally. I can control it easier that way. 

Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 4/5

Price: 225php

Where to buy? Watsons and Department Stores. 

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