Wild Peach: Personal and Professional Palette

Friday, March 25, 2016


Last year, during Beautymnl's great sale, I bought a Personal and Professional Palette that is sold as a bundle and on sale. 

I have pans of makeup but it does not have a case. Buying this palette is a great solution. 

For the professional Palette, it is in matte black and the top cover is transparent. I can see what pans are placed inside. I can fit at least 15 pans from Suesh inside the professional palette. Its a lot of space. 

For the personal palette, the size is different. I was able to fit 3 Suesh pans only. This personal palette though is easier if I wanted to bring my pans with me. The design of this personal palette is called Floral Damask, its my favorite design from the personal palettes. The personal palette comes with a mirror. 

Both palette came with a leather like sheet that can be cut and placed on the bottom of pans that does not work with the palette's magnet. The Suesh pans does not need this though, it can already attach on the palette easily. 

Both costs 680php. If bought separately, the professional costs 550php while the personal costs 280php. I saved 150php. Right now, Beautymnl still has available stocks on hand. 

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