Event Coverage: Journey To Wellness With Hindy Weber-Tantoco

Friday, March 25, 2016


Have you noticed whether in clothes, bags, shoes and even houses, anything that is customized is always better? 

That is what Miss Hindy Weber-Tantoco, a famous fashion designer and organic farmer shares with us. Hindy is often associated with fashion and organic farming but growing food was not something that she had planned. She is a former in-house designer for Rustan's and she shared that she just wanted a healthier lifestyle when she had kids that it boiled down to growing her own food to make sure its clean and safe. She recalls, "We started in our backyard and then every harvest, we just had more and more vegetables so we started sharing them with friends and family." Later on, her backyard endeavor became a full-time business known as Holy Carabao Holistic Farms. 

I got invited to an intimate get together with Ms. Hindy at BioBalance wherein we can personally ask her our questions as well as to be inspired. 

Ms. Hindy openly shared with us her journey to wellness. She started when she wanted to grow her own food because she does not trust how other food being sold in the market are being processed. From living here in busy Metro Manila, she moved her life in living in Laguna to have the countryside life that she wanted and still continuing her career in designing her own clothing line. 

As you can see on my photos, one look at Ms. Hindy and she does not look like stressed in life and her figure and glowing skin belies her age of 42. I am kind of awe-struck at her beauty. Its hard not to stare. 

When she reached her age 40 and being a mother of four and having a stressful work, she started to feel something was amiss. She stated, "I was starting to feel I needed more support even if I ate well. I was more tired but I was sleeping less and I started binging on coffee and sugary foods." She added that even though she practices a healthy and organic food lifestyle, she still feels there is something lacking.

One day she saw a friend on Facebook undergoing Biobalance Program, Ms. Hindy was curious to know her nutritional status and how she can take her healthy lifestyle up a notch. That is when she visited BioBalance and had her consult done. 

Tests were done and she was seen and checked by a doctor from BioBalance Institute. The BioBalance Institute runs a series of specialized tests to find out the nutrients your body needs at a cellular level - from vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, to essential fatty acids. Nutrient deficiencies and toxicities are normally linked not only to common symptoms like fatigue and weight issues but also to risks of chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart disease. 

Ms. Hindy has the series of tests done and from the results, BioBalance then recommended a personalized dietary changes and supplements for her to cover any deficiencies. Her test results showed that she lacks Vitamin D (even though she stays under the sun all the time because of her farm, she wears long sleeves and big hats to stay protected under the sun, hence she lacks exposure to Vitamin D.) and amino acids. Also she had a lot of bad bacteria in her gut. She said, "That is why I was feeling more tired than usual. Can you imagine going through life and you're deficient on something not knowing it can have compounding effects on your health? I'm so glad I'm aware of it now.".

Ms. Hindy's test results was seen by BioBalance physician, Dr. Paulita "Pinky" Baclig and she was prescribed her food and supplements to address her deficiencies and to get rid of the bad bacteria in her gut while increasing the good bacteria. According to Dr. Baclig, "Bad bacteria and yeast in the intestines lead to inflammation of the gut that prevents the absorption of essential nutrients. Organic food has higher level of nutrients our body needs but all of these only get into our bodies if the gut is healthy. A healthy gut is as important as the healthy soil of every farm."

Ms. Hindy's problem in sleeping is also due to her gut bacteria imbalance as explained by Dr. Baclig, "Serotonin, a neurotransmitter which we need for good sleep is actually made in the gut.". When she started using supplements addressed to her deficiencies, she started having more energy and slept better. She shared that "It was just the kind of thing I was looking for.".

The BioBalance Institure and its staff gives us that extra edge by customizing nutritional solutions and providing expert advice for each client. Dr. Baglic said that, "As a designer herseld, Ms. Hindy is the first person who will insist on measuring to customize. When you're designing your lifestyle for optimal health, it's important that it's personalized - that you take only the supplements that your body really needs.".

Inspired by Ms. Hindy's journey to a healthy lifestyle. I want to follow her advice that in order to get my optimum best, I must adjust and fix my lifestyle to be more holistic. Investing in our own health while we are healthy before we get sick. As stated by Ms. Hindy herself, "I've got my fitness routine and now my customized meal plan and supplements from BioBalance. It's like a made to measure outfit - both food and supplemts made to fit me.".

Sample of Morning Pack of Supplements

During the event, I was able to explore their clinic and I got assisted by their warm and inviting staff. I was able to get the initial test done for free! Yay! It measured my weight, body mass index as well as the water, muscle and fat percentage that my body contains through a use of a high-end and specialized machine. Besides the body composition, it also measured the hydration status of my body (glad to know that I am not dehydrated) as well as it gives the target daily metabolic rate for my body. Amazing machine, right? (Although I was scared to look at my test results...LOL.)

I was also able to try the Detox drink available inside their clinic. Bloom Juicery is not made by BioBalance but you can buy it inside their clinic. By the way, my drink tastes good, it does not have the usual taste of vegetable detox drink, it reminded me of a fresh watermelon juice. 

The price of the series of tests and with the customized supplements included, it ranges for at least 7,000php monthly. You can have the test done and do not get supplements from them. The most basic laboratory test costs 17,000php. BioBalance does not issue customized supplements unless tested by them. However, you can buy ready-made usual supplements from them like vitamins and minerals. 

Thank you for the enlightening and inspiring story Ms. Hindy and BioBalance Institute!

For inquiries and appointments, contact +632.6504858, +63917.5214860

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