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Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Honestly, when I tried both the Asian Eyes and non-Asian eyes curler, I felt more successful by not pinching my eyelids with the Asian Eyes curler and that I can reach areas that are usually not curled with my regular curler. To compare though, I used this Non-Asian Eyes for one week to see if I can learn how to use it without pinching my eyelids which is my only problem with this curler.

I managed to get to use it with improvement in  decreasing the incidence of pinching my eyelids and I am surprised that I can effectively curl my lashes using this compared to the Asian Eyes Curler. I am shocked because I thought that I am already satisfied with the Asian Eyes Curler does to my eyelashes that I already reviewed before, link here. Now, I am already switching Non-Asian Eyes Curler. 

To express it better, read more about my review below. 

Brand: Say

Type: Non-Asian Eyes Curler

Color: Pretty In Pink

Weight: Not Indicated

Product Description: 

Ingredients: There are no ingredients listed. 


Compared to the Asian Eyes Curler, this one has a rubber grip on its handle. I believe that it is a great factor for the curler to be effective. Since I can hold and grip it better, I did not experience any difficulty in prolonging the hold to curl my lashes which has proven effective in terms of curling my lashes better. 

The curler that I got is in shade of pink, which is perfect, do I need to say more? Its my favorite color...LOL. It perfectly matches my stuff at home. 

Ms. Say's name is engraved on the curler. 

The curler grips my lashes without tugging or sticking. I can release my lashes easily. 

There is a rubber for replacement and its also pink! So cute!

I find this more effective in curling my lashes. I can get it closer to my eyelids compared with the Asian Eyes Curler though it pinches some part of my eyelids. 

My lashes are curled nicely compared to the Asian Eyes Curler. (Photos below)


Since the curler is rounded, I find it hard to reach areas on the edges of my lashes near my nose. (But I can reach the middle part and outer part of my eyelashes easily and closely)

I experience more accidental pinches with this curler compared to the Asian Eyes. 

Its not yet readily available, you have to order it directly to Ms. Say. 

Without mascara, the lashes does not stay curled for a long time. With mascara though, it remained curled until I removed it. 


As I said, if you will compare it to my review of the Asian Eyes Curler, this made my lashes curled nicely. 

I used the mascara after I curled my lashes. (I do not curl after I apply mascara because I do not want to put a stain on my mascara curlers.) If you can observe, the mascara intensified the curled lashes. 

Buy again? 100%

I thought that my eyelashes are already okay with the Asian Eyes Curler because I did not experience any difficulty with that and it did not pinch my eyelids. However, with this curler, I can get it close to my eyelids and do an effective curling more than the Asian Eyes Curler. So even though I get accidental pinches, this is worth it for me. No pain, no gain right? 

Its the curler that I find most effective in curling my lashes nicely specially compared to other brands that I used. (I can live with the accidental pinches, I love the effect this one makes for my lashes.) I am already thinking if my eyes are not Asian even though I am one. LOL.

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: 590php

Where to buy? Send a SMS directly to Ms. Say at 0917-987-0285 or email her directly at

I got mine from To try before you buy, sign-up for free. 

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