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Friday, March 11, 2016


I love applying makeup on my face but if there is one thing that I do not like doing in this routine, it is curling my eyelashes. I always accidentally pinch my eyes with the curler, imagine the pain of doing this everyday and I never learned the perfect technique in doing it easily. 

Some say that the process of easy curling also matters with the brand that you use because it has sizes. My first and so far I am maintaining in using is the Fanny Serrano Eyelash Curler, its a popular dupe for Shu Uemura. Still, the Fanny Serrano Curler that I am using is not yet my holy grail. 

When I saw at Sample Room that Say (Ms. Lindsay Artillero - famous Youtube Guru) is now offering a brand of her own eyelash curlers, I immediately took a samples of both the Asian and Non-Asian curlers. I am so thankful that I have a stock of points at that time. 

Now let us check out this eyelash curler designed for Asian eyes. 

Brand: Say

Type: Asian Eyes Curler

Color: Golden Goddess

Weight: Not indicated

Product Description: 

Ingredients: There are no ingredients listed but it was made in France.


In my experience of using this curler, I liked it better than my Fanny Serrano because I can get it near my eyelids better. I can reach lashes that I can't curl before. I did not experience accidental pinches on my eyelids. 

The curl of my lashes lasts for a few minutes only without any mascara but when I used a mascara then curled it, the curl lasts long and survived my whole day at work. At least though, it can effectively curl most of my lashes specially the parts that are hard to reach. 

The curler that I got is in gold color that looks exquisite and luxurious. I enjoy using it everyday because I feel like a Princess just because of its classy color. 

Ms. Say's name or rather the brand name is embossed on the curler. 

My favorite part of this Asian Eyes Eyelash Curler is that the curler is not that rounded. I have small eyes and I can reach the edges of my lashes better because I can get this curler close to my lids. 

The eyelash curler grips my lashes nicely without my lashes sticking to the rubber after each curling. 

There is a piece of rubber replacement included on the box of the curler. I am not sure if Ms. Say sells more refills for the rubber but at least this curler will last me long. 


I wish there are a rubber grip on the holders so I can hold and control it better. The curl of my lashes does not last long if no mascara is used. 

The curler is not yet readily available in the market. You will order it directly from Ms. Say. 


Buy again? 100% (If you read it above, I like this better than my Fanny Serrano that I usually use. I now have a new brand to use for my curlers.)

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: 450php

Where to buy? Send a SMS directly to Ms. Say at 0917-987-0285 or email her directly at

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