Product Launch: Caronia's Popsicle Collection

Saturday, March 12, 2016


Are you already feeling the heat? Because I sure do. March is just starting but it already feels like we are on the peak of summer. Agree? I am already nervous on my next electric bill as well as my water bill because I can't seem to turn off the air condition due to the hot weather as well as my frequent showering. 

On the brighter side though my clothes for summer is already on the top of my closet ready to be worn anytime. Why? Because along with the sunny season, it also comes with a lot of activities and adventures that I look forward too. 

Buying new accessories and clothes for the coming summer is out of the question though because I want to save a lot this year. I plan to do more travel if I can. Still, I want to keep up with summer and thanks to Caronia, I can do this easily and its affordable. 

Wearing nail polish is considered an accessory and it is the most accessible way that we can do every day. Caronia created a high quality of new shades that reflects the trending season. Caronia is already launching the new collection called the Popsicle Collection featuring four of their brand new colors. I am sure you will not have a hard time choosing the ideal color for you from their choices Tequila Sunrise, Brain Freeze, Lemon Cool and Peach Perfect. 

The four colors were developed after much research  and the shades Tequila Sunrise and Brain Freeze are inspired by Pantone's colors of 2016. To add to the hip and exciting nail care offerings, these shades are matte. 

I luckily got invited to its launch last March 10, 2016 at Romulo Cafe in Makati. I am so excited but since I live far from Makati and even though I left early, I still got stuck in EDSA. (Lesson learned: Leave at least two hours before meeting time. Traffic in EDSA is really forever.) 

Upon arriving at the event, the Ice Cream section already caught my eyes. The Ice Cream Bar has popsicles ready to be eaten anytime, there are four flavors available that were inspired by the new four shades of Caronia Nail Polish. Two of the popsicle flavors has a healthy alcohol content. 

Its just me enjoying my cold popsicle that is perfect for the sunny day!

There is also a game from Genevieve Gozum about how many ways we can wear the summer clothing available at the event. The colors of the clothes are also inspired by the Popsicle Collection. 

Caronia's celebrity endorser Ms. Shaira Mae is back to bond with us girls and help us how color can transform us. 

Refreshingly bubbly and friendly, Ms. Shaira Mar is back to star in a new set of TVCs that will show how the love for colors can unite girls even in the most unlikely situations. 

As summer takes off, Caronia invites us girls everywhere to have the most colorful sunny season yet with the delightful Popsicle Collection. 

Caronia started with us girls at the product launch and I definitely enjoyed the day together with my fellow bloggers. 

We had a manicure, pedicure and nail art sessions at the event! Its definitely a pamper day session for us! The colors used on the nail polish consists of the Popsicle Collection. 

The treats at the event are also sweet and colorful. There's a candy buffet and cotton candy machine. I munched on these goodies while going around the event. 

There is also a cocktail station wherein the drinks were inspired by the Popsicle Collection but also contains a healthy amount of alcohol. 

The event ended as Ms. Janeena Chang announced the winner for the Genevieve Gozum contest. 

I had a great time and I am enjoying my new set of nail polish. Its perfect for the summer season! Thank you so much Caronia! 

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Get your own Popsicle Collection now as they offer free a limited edition Popsicle Sticky Notes and it is until supplies last. 

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