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Saturday, March 26, 2016


After using my first Guerlain Meteorites and enjoyed its lovely effect for my makeup, I got addicted to it. (Review of my first Guerlain Meteorites 4 Dore link here.) I just learned recently that Guerlain only produces limited number of supply per kind of Meteorites so its like everything is limited edition. Its now a must-have in my makeup routine. 

Thanks to a friend of mine, I got this brand new and for a really cheap price. Yay! 

The shades of this Guerlain Perkes Du Dragon is different from 4 Dore that I already reviewed before. Let us now proceed to the review, okay?

Brand: Guerlain

Type: Meteorites Perles Du Dragon

Weight: 30g

Product Description: (There is no insert on the product.)

(From Nordstrom) Météorites Perles du Dragon is named for the Year of the Dragon, and pays tribute to the mythical animal, a symbol of the emperor of China, whose primary source of power lay in a pearl, synonymous with happiness, wisdom and abundance. The harmony of six shades of pearls in an intense, iridescent monochrome palette is perfectly tailored to the holiday season. Like nighttime jewels, it cloaks the face in incredible radiance: pale pink and beige even out the complexion, white and gold illuminate, while plum and rosewood brighten areas of shadow and erase fatigue as the night goes on. The famous metal case, also embossed in black, is stamped with a golden rosette and bears the Guerlain signature.

How To Use: (From the insert of my Meteorites 4 Dore) Sweep the pearls over the face with the Meteorites Brush, designed to pick up just the right amount of powder. Gently apply in circular strokes on prominent areas: forehead, nose, cheekbones, chin and decollete. This incomparable illuminating powder can be used alone or over foundation, and before blush or Terracotta bronzing powders to heighten their radiance.



As expected from a product made by Guerlan, this Perles Du Dragon smells good too and floral like. 

This is designed to be used as a finishing powder or a highlighter but I prefer to use Meteorites as a Finishing Powder over a Highlighter. It can be applied over foundation or can be worn alone. 

As a finishing powder, I noticed that it sets my makeup evenly and it lasts longer. Observe how my before and after application of Guerlain Perles Du Dragon as well as the difference it makes on my photos below. 

It gave my skin a sheer radiance without being too shimmery. Compared to 4 Dore, this one has a more whitish shades and it makes my skin look a little pale and it does not have a pinkish undertone. For me, it just adds a plain shimmer. It does not make my skin look smoother compared to 4 Dore but it gives a blooming look. 

I did not experience any breakouts. 

This one contains more product than other Meteorites produced. 
The difference is hard to tell unless you use one yourself. I tried to capture it on my sample photos below but its not that visible. 



The puff included is not as nice compared to my 4 Dore but its a good filter to stop the powder from spillage. Also, the puff included does not hoard the powder. 

The balls are delicate so make sure to use a good soft brush for it. There is a brush made by Guerlain for their Meteorites but it is also expensive. 


Buy again? 100% (Though I prefer my 4 Dore because it gives a pinkish glow for my skin.)

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: $58 (Other Meteorites shades costs 3650php on Guerlain counters)

Where to buy? This shade is hard to find, try online sellers and Ebay. For other variants of Meteorites, you can buy at Guerlain SM Makati, Guerlain Rustan's.

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