DUPE ALERT: MAC's True Love's Kiss

Friday, March 18, 2016


I just posted a review of BYS Cosmetics' Tango and I mentioned that even though it is a matte lipstick, the texture is quite shimmery and too creamy. When I did a swatch of it for my review, the color reminded me of my MAC's True Love's Kiss which is a limited edition to represent Maleficent. 

I did a swatch (photo above) and amazingly the shimmer and undertone is the same. The color looks so similar too. I can now have a similar shade that I can buy once I emptied my tube of True Love's Kiss. For those who was not able to buy this limited edition lipstick from MAC can now look for BYS Cosmetics' Tango as it is a permanent lipstick from them. 

I combined photos of my lips wearing both BYS Tango and MAC's True Love's Kiss below and if you will notice, the shimmer is the same but True Love's Kiss look a little darker and more reddish than Tango which looks more pinkish.

The price difference:
MAC's True Love's Kiss - 1100php (Limited edition and some resellers will sell it up to 2000php
BYS Cosmetics Tango - 299php (Regular Shade)

For my review of BYS Cosmetics, read it here.
For my review of MAC's True Love's Kiss, read it here

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