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Saturday, March 5, 2016


I am not a fan of using blending sponge because I prefer using brushes. However, I am still curious specially for the brand Beauty Blender. Up until today though, I can't still manage to buy it. Its the least in my priorities. Its a good things that I got a BYS Blending Sponge from their 3 years Celebration last year. There is also a rumor that this is a good dupe for Beauty Blender. I haven't tried Beauty Blender yet and I hope I could get my hands on one soon so I could compare it if it is really a dupe. 

Let us check it out. 

Brand: BYS

Type: Sponge

Product Description: 

What it looks like when dry: 

What it looks like when wet: 


It is great to use this when applying liquid foundation because it gives a flawless look without any signs of streaks. I even used it with a primer and it blended the primer well on the skin. 

The tip can be used for parts that are hard to reach like under the eyes and the sides of the nose. It is easy to manipulate the tip. 

I tried using it after I applied a my liquid foundation using a brush, I thought I will try to see if it can blend the streaks of foundation made by the brush. Amazingly, when I used this damp sponge, it blended the streaks and it removed some caking from the foundation. 

I also use it to blot oil away from my skin instead of using blotting paper then clean it afterwards when I get home. Compared to tissues or blotting paper, the sponge only removes the oil, not the!

It expands when wet but does not get broken unlike the other non-branded blending sponges that I tried and did not attempt to review...LOL. 



The sponge is really hard to squeeze, it still feels like its new whenever I tried squeezing it. The sponge does not bounce well on top of the skin too. I tried squeezing small amount of water out to make it more wet but it remained the same and it does not bounce as much. 

If you are too lazy to clean it every after use, think twice before buying because it can lead to unhygienic practice. Cleaning this is not an easy task. I use a Nippon Pro Blend Sponge Cleaner. 

It is not available in other colors. 

Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 4/5

Price: 299php

Where to buy? BYS Counters like Watson's and SM Beauty Section in Department Store. 

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