Use of Watermarked Photos VS. Use of Trademarked Photos

Sunday, March 6, 2016


When I started this blog, I learned to use a watermark for my photos but for the months that I continued using it, I realized that the quality of the photos decreases. My sister suggested that I use photos with trademark backgrounds instead. I want to try my sister's idea because there are famous bloggers who does not use watermarks and do this instead. That day, we looked and bought items that can serve as my trademark background. 

I see convenience and an advantage of using a trademark background because first, I do not need to do an effort in putting a watermark when I am editing my photos. One step lessened on workload. Second, the quality of the photos are great compared when there are watermarks. 

I am using this technique for almost a year now and until today but lately online sellers in Instagram started using my photo for the products that they sell, I am just getting notified out of the blue that they see other sellers using my photos. It should not be a big deal if they give credits to me but most of them do not and they even have the audacity to put their own watermark over it or edit the photo for their convenience. It is really disheartening.

So far, it seems that the only photo being used that was captured and edited by me is my Menow Kissproof Lipsticks because it is being sold widely in Instagram. I used this photo not to sell but to share my reviews about it here on my blog and Instagram. 

Here are the samples of my screenshots and stores that used my photos: 


In respect to, when she was notified, she apologized immediately and took down the photos upon notification. She claimed that they are just students who does business in Instagram and that they do not know its illegal to use other's photos without credits. 

2. Cutesylab_ph

This one used my photo of Menow lipstick as well as my separate photo for the review of one Menow lipstick that I did not shared on Instagram and just used it here on my blog. I sent her a DM but no reply until now. 

3. PNVColours

This is the most hilarious, she used my photo and put on her own watermark over it. She already deleted the photos and her reason is that she just saw this photo on Google and she said there is no owner of the photo. (I believe that when you click a photo on Google Images, the link of where the photo came from appears below, right?)

Anyway, she already apologized and deleted all of the photos. She only used mine for shout outs on Instagram.

This is a photo posted by Perkycases but only as a shout out from PNVColours. The photo used is edited by PNVColours shop.

4. Polishedinthecity

This Instagram seller uses my photos without credits too. I already sent her a message but still no reply. 

There are others who are using a cropped photo of it for shout outs but these were the sellers that I found extreme. 

Now back to the main topic, I just wanted to share that I find the photo easier to view when I only use a Trademark background. However, it seems that it will give me future problems too. Should I put my watermark on my photos back? The photo below is the comparison:

I want to the opinions of my reader if I should just retain the trademark background without watermark or should I use both. You are the great people reading my blog everyday and sees the photos that I share for reviews. I want to get your thoughts about it before I post my next blog reviews. Thank you and have a great day!

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