Peripera: Peri's Tint Marker #3 (Pink Stain)

Thursday, February 25, 2016


Peripera is a Korean brand that is famous for their tints. It is like a Korean version of Benefit. I always wanted to try their products but it does not reach Philippines yet until last February 15 when Althea first opened to public. Althea is an online shop that sells Korean items including Peripera!

I got two Peripera items and this is the first product (first Peripera) that I will review from all the items that I got from my Althea package. 

There are a lot of Peripera items offered but I am intrigued to try this Peri's Tint that looks like a regular Sharpie! 

Let me now share with you my experience of using a lip marker for the first time!

Brand: Peripera

Type: Lip Tint Marker

Shade: 3 Pink Stain

Weight: 4ml

Product Description: Unfortunately, it is all written in Korean. I tried searching online but even their website is in Korean language and cannot be translated to English.

Ingredients: (I think this is the list of ingredients) It is still written in I am sorry that I can't share it to you my readers. 


The marker has a fruity scent that reminds me of candies whenever I use this. The shade 3 Pink Stain looks natural on my lips. 

At first, it feels weird just by looking at it because the tip really looks like a regular marker. The moment that I applied it on my lips though, the strong tip of the marker is easy to control and I can easily color the edges of my lips. 

One layer is enough not to make me look pale but it is easy to build up additional layers to reach a certain opaqueness that I wanted. The lip marker did not bleed or feathered out of my lips. 

It lasts really long even after eating and drinking. I can use this when I do not have a time to re-touch for the whole day. It is also transfer-free. 

This marker can be used in achieving the ombre styled lips with the use of lip tints that are water based. 


Its drying for the lips! After one day of use, my lips became really dry and an overnight use of healing lip balms is not enough. I think it took me three days of regular use of lip balms and hydrating lipstick before I achieved a softer lips again. 

The marker itself also easily dries. Make sure you seal it well to prevent further drying. 

It has a short life compared to other lipsticks, it must be used within 6 months after opening. 


Buy again? 50%

Overall Rating: 3/5

Price: I got it for 340php because its on sale. (Its around 500+ as a regular price in Althea)

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