Benefit: They're Real! Push-Up Liner (Mini)

Wednesday, February 24, 2016


I received this mini push-up liner from my sister and I got an another extra from my good friend, Ampie too. I am already using it and I thought I would share my experience with it through this blog post. 

I remember that when this was first introduced on the market, I am so eager to try it but I always back down because of the price. Its a good thing that I was given a mini samples because I can test it out first before buying the full size product. 

Benefit is the first brand to release an eyeliner that makes it easier for us to create the wing because of the liner's tip. 

Let us now check it out.

Brand: Benefit

Type: Eyeliner

Shade: Black (Also available in Brown, Blue, Purple and Green)

Texture: Matte

Weight: Mini - 0.35g (Full size - 1.4g)

Product Description:  (From Benefit's website) This matte black gel formula is waterproof and won’t smudge, budge or dry out for 24 hours*. The innovative soft AccuFlex™ Tip hugs your lashline from corner to corner...the closer the line, the bigger the eye!

How To Use and Ingredients: 


The color is beyond black. Its the darkest matte shade for eyeliner that I tried so far. Once applied and dried on my lids, it is smudge-proof. I tried rubbing it and spraying a little water over it - and it stayed intact. It survived my 8 hours shift at work without smudging and re-touching. I needed a makeup remover to fully clean my eyelids by the end of the day.

The Accuflex Tip helped me in creating a wing on my eyelid easier. The tip serves as a guide on applying the wings accurately. 

The eyeliner is actually a gel that was put inside a pen. That is why the consistency of the liner is better. Awesome, right?


It dries quickly so you need to be fast in applying the eyeliner. I noticed that when I apply a new layer over a previous layer, it clumps. I suggest that you avoid adding layers on top of already dried eyeliner. 

I needed to wipe off the first gel that comes out of the tip because if not, it will create an uneven and messy line on my lids. 

It gets a little messy while applying the eyeliner, there are little particles that falls off and I suggest that you put a cover to your clothes first to avoid staining. During the day, there are a few times that I also have to clean up my cheeks because there are little flakes that fell from my dried eyeliner. 

Do not hoard this eyeliner at home because the gel dries quickly, it may get wasted. 

I tried using it without a primer and it broke down or lightened unevenly on my lids after a few hours. If you have a tendency to get oily skin,  I suggest that you use a primer or concealer. 

Its a little tricky to use, I practiced several times before I was able to use it effortlessly. Oh, and it also tugs on my lids whenever I apply it. 


Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 4/5

Price: Mini Size - 700+php
           Full Size - 1500+

Where to buy? The minis are available at Sephora Philippines. You can buy the full size at any Benefit counters. 

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