The Spa - Combination Massage: My Experience

Friday, January 1, 2016


I got gift cards for the The Spa from Maybelline last Christmas and I used it before the year 2015 ended. I decided to use it together with my boyfriend (he also got a The Spa Gift Card from work) as we availed a combination massage in an executive room. Yes, we combined our gift cards and added an extra to be able to get the executive room and combination massage for two. 

It will be my first time to experience having a relaxing time here at the The Spa and I am excited like a kid opening a Christmas present. 

I scheduled my appointment last December 26, 2015. I advise that you schedule your appointment ahead because usually they are fully booked. I chose the Trinoma branch because it is the branch nearest to me. 

Upon entering, the long hallway leading to the reception already made me feel like I traveled to a different dimension just with its ambiance. There's this warm lights, soothing music and the aromatic scent of the spa. 

The receptionist gave me my locker key and the hall and locker room for men and women is separated. The door and lighting for the women's locker room is like a dungeon with its medieval design. 

Upon entering the Locker Room, I am amazed that everything that I may need is already available at their dresser with large vanity mirror. 

Looking around the room, there are sinks and a couch that you can lounge on while waiting for your turn or while dressing up. There is also a water dispenser for hot or cold water available in case you are thirsty. 

There is a room that is under maintenance, I am not sure if it is a steam room or a sauna. I did not ask since I cannot use it at that time. 

The shower room is also in vintage style. The shower area is stacked with large stones as its wall. I feel like I am living from a different era with a modern hot and cold shower. 

The locker contains a pair of slippers and a robe that I am required to use inside the vicinity. I was asked if I wanted to take a shower or if I wanted to go straight to my massage. I opted to take a shower first to refresh before my massage. 

The picture below that looks like a starry sky is the wall to the lounge where you will wait for your queue to be called for the massage room. While waiting, warm Ginger Tea was served. It is my first time to taste a Ginger Tea - it has a sweet flavor with a little spice as an after taste, I enjoyed the flavor of the tea. 

The massage room that I got is an Executive Room. It only contains three beds. The room has a relaxing music on.

I chose the Combination massage that focuses on stretching and pressure points. Expect a lot of bones popping because the masseur will really take her time to stretch your limbs. I felt my body released its tense posture after the stretching. I enjoy the pressure points kind of massage, their thumbs that hit the right spot of tense muscles on my back is really invigorating. I think I fell asleep a little while having the massage. I did not notice that my 60 minutes is already done. I may choose a 90 minutes massage on my next visit. 

The combination massage in an Executive room costs 1,100php for 60 minutes plus 10% service charge. The cost of your massage differs on the type of room you want. You can check out the list of their rates on their website,

After the massage, we are offered again the Ginger Tea. Then we went back to the locker room to change clothes and surrender the locker key. 

To sum up my experience, I loved it and I will definitely come back. I wanted to try all the variants of the massage they offer. I am already leaning on trying out the Traditional Hilot. 

That's all for this post. I hope the review is helpful for the readers. Thank you for reading and have a great new year everyone!

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