The Face Shop Haul: Face Masks

Saturday, January 2, 2016


Did you know that every month, The Face Shop offers buy 1 take 1 promo or buy three take three? They rotate the items they sell. 

Last November 2015, they offered their eyebrow products in a buy 1 take 1 promo and last December 2015, these expensive masks (photo above) was offered in a buy 3 take 3 sale. I think this January, they offer free full sized lip gloss/cheek tint for every purchase of their CC Cream. 

I love wearing face masks and I haven't tried this one yet. According from a good friend of mine (Hi Ampie - I miss you so much!), she uses the Brightening Sheet and it is really effective in brightening her face. I am easy to talk to, I immediately bought 2 sets with her. This will last me at least 2 months. I promised myself as a part of my New Year goals to be strict on my skin regimen. So starting the first week, I use one sheet once a week. Hopefully I could keep it up. 

One mask costs around 145php. I got 6 pieces for only 435php I think. I already lost the receipt, sorry! All I know though is that I managed to save a lot. 

Anyway, always watch out every month on what The Face Shop has to offer. They do not usually post it on their social media accounts. Have a great day!

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