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Sunday, January 3, 2016


Ooooh I love Face Masks. It is fun to use and I can feel my skin moisturized without the greasiness. If only it is not expensive, I would love to use one every single day or rather night.

I usually buy my face masks at The Face Shop or Etude but I realized that I never reviewed at least one mask that I was able to use. 

So now, I am also going to share my thoughts on each mask that I use. 

I chose to review this first because of all the masks that I tried, this sheet is the one I found most effective from the Face Shop's variants as well to other brands. It has the instant effect that I wanted as well as other nice benefits in a reasonable price. 

Brand: The Face Shop

Type: Brightening MasCream Sheet

Weight: 30g = 1 mask

Product Description: (Sorry I cannot read Korean so I can't help you on what does it say on the item.)

Little Description About the Product, How To Use and Ingredients: 

Did I scare you? Sorry but I have to share what it looks like when worn!


The mask is designed for Asian facial structure because it fitted the correct holes for my eyes, nose and lips unlike the other masks that I tried. 

Besides the thick cream on the mask, I can still pour out some cream out of the pack and add it to my mask. The mask is really saturated that it takes time before the mask dried out on my face. Most of the times I fell asleep with the mask still on because it does not dry easily. 

When I woke up in the morning after I removed the mask and washing my face, there is an immediate brightening result. My skin looked healthier and my pores became smaller. If only I could use one everyday but the budget for that is not feasible!

Of all the variants from Face Shop or other brands, this mask is my favorite because it is the most efficient. No break outs noted and there is no greasiness/oiliness on my skin after use.

I use this mask at least once a week (Every Monday nights.) and the visible results can be seen. A reminder though, I also use it together with my other skin care too like toner/softeners, sunscreen, moisturizers (for Tuesdays to Sundays) and a good facial wash. 

Cons: A little expensive if I did not bought it during their sale. (The price is worth the effectiveness though.)

Buy again? 100% (Yes yes yes!)

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: 145php (If I remember it correctly, I bought in when there was a buy 3 take 3 promo from The Face Shop last year. I know that my total is around 800+ so my estimate of the price is around 140-150php per piece.)

Where to buy? The Face Shop Stores.

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