Sky High Bar: My Experience

Sunday, January 10, 2016


Last December 28-29, 2015, together with my boyfriend's family, we checked-in at Ace Water Spa - Pasig Branch to celebrate his birthday. In the eve before his birthday, we had our dinner at Ace's Sky High Bar. We opted to go here for the city lights more than the buffet restaurant. 

Sky High Bar has a 360 degrees view of the city. Also, since it is situated on top of the building, it is quite windy and cold up there. It is a good thing we came in long sleeves. 

As a BDJ Planner Bella, I also have a discount of less 500php to the total bill for a single receipt of at least 1,500php. It is one of the reasons we chose this maximize the discount.

During the time that we went there, it is still Happy Hour so the drinks are on 50% off. Yay! So we got Shirley Temple and Mango Shakes. 

Shirley Temple - 170php (We ordered it during Happy Hour so it only costs at 85php)

Fresh Mango Shake - 170php (We ordered it during Happy Hour so it only costs at 85php)

I ordered some appetizers before our main courses so we could munch something while enjoying the ambiance of the place. 

I love the Fish and Chips specially the dip. I definitely recommend this if you want to order an appetizer. The chips are also great - it has its own unique flavor. 

Fish and Chips - 280php

The onion rings are big and a little oily. The dip included is a little bland compared to the dip of the Fish and Chips. I thought at first that both dishes will have the same dip but it is different. I like the dip of the Fish and Chips better. I may not re-order this Onion Rings on  my next visit. 

Onion Rings - 180php

The birthday celebrant ordered Spaghetti with meatballs. I was surprised with the serving, their plates are big and the plate is full. 

Spaghetti With Meatballs - 250php

My boyfriend's father ordered the other pasta dish offered at Sky High Bar. The Carbonara, if only I knew they will serve it with bacon, I will order this dish too! (I love bacons!!!)

Carbonara - 260php

My boyfriend's sister ordered a dish called Callos Madrillena and it came with fries as a side dish. 

Callos Madrillena - 390php

My boyfriend's mother ordered Gambas Al Ajillo. The side dish are small fried potatoes and some seaweeds. 

Gambas Al Ajilo - 250php

I ordered Cream Dory with Red Pepper Cream Sauce. The fish is soft and and the sauce is great. I also liked that it came with two stalks of asparagus. It is a healthy choice for me. The side dish of small strips of fried potatoes with seaweed reminded me of Pik-Nik in original flavor. It tastes like that. 

Cream Dory - 270php

On our way back to the room, the hallway from Sky High Bar contains a spot that you can have pictures taken. It is great place to have a lot of pictures because there are a lot of lights and different colors. Even the stairs contains some LED Blue Lights to make a good background for pictures.

My verdict?


The view is great as well as the fresh air. The dishes came in large servings. I enjoyed my dining experience, specially with my BDJ Discount. My total bill is 1800php and we only paid 1300php. 


Do not forget that it is a bar, so expect loud music, people enjoying their drinks and a lot of alcohol around the area. 

Some of the first choice of food and drink that we wanted to order are not available like the Salmon dish, watermelon shakes. 

Will I come back to this restaurant? Yes! It is worth coming back. 

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