MeNow Kiss Proof Soft Lipstick: Shade 013

Saturday, January 9, 2016


This is the last shade of MeNow lipsticks that I have that needs to be reviewed. I am having second thoughts if I will continue to collect all the other shades remaining. 

Now let us proceed to my review.

Brand: MeNow

Type: Kiss Proof Soft Lipstick

Texture: Matte

Shade: 013

Weight: 4.5

Product Description: This liquid lipstick instantly lifts and hydrates lips. Gives rich, creamy, long wearing color.



The expiration and manufacturing date is indicated on the box. 

The lipstick is affordable.

It is transfer free and the application is easy to glide and it does not tug on my lips.

I can also use it as a lip liner. (I like it better as a lip liner - in fact, for all the MeNow lipsticks that I tried.)


It is not moisturizing, my lips became dry after use.

At first, I thought it is not grainy compared to other MeNow lipsticks that I tried because it does not feel like it. However, after a few hours, I noticed that the skin around my lips as well as my white uniform has this small red particles. When I looked in the mirror closely, my red lipstick developed a lot of grains that falls off on its own. It became quite messy and since I do not have other lipsticks at that time, I needed to remove it completely and put another layer on frequently before it dried up. Frequent application is such a hassle for me. 

Buy again? 30%

Overall Rating: 2/5 (Its the messiest after use MeNow lipstick that I tried from the 5 shades that I have.)

Price: 149php

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