My Serenitea 2016 Planner: First Time To Try A Serenitea Planner

Thursday, January 7, 2016


I did not expected to have this planner. I just saw it from one of my friends at work and I liked the design and perks. Then one day, we decided to have Serenitea delivered at work for our snacks and dinner. 

My friends at work asked almost all the hospital staff to order Serenitea just so we could reach the 1,200php requirement to avail the planner. I am so touched when they handed the planner. At first, I thought that the planner is not for me since I already have the BDJ and SBC Planners. Apparently, two planners are not enough for me! :)

If you want this planner, you just need to reach 1,200php purchase in a single receipt. 

The gold planner comes with a pouch and two pieces of Washi Tapes. It is my first time to encounter a planner that comes with the famous Washi Tapes. 

The first few pages are for your goals and commitments. I can now list down my needs and dreams. 

There's a workout tracker and a page for list a of restaurants to try. It is a good things that the Palate Pleasures is a two-page part because I have too many list of restaurants that I wanted to try out. 

Of course, the main highlight of the planner are the coupons included. Just a reminder though, these coupons can only be used on dine-in and take-out services. 

The daily planner has this small spaces for each dates but it is enough to suffice the important things to do. 

I like the budget tracker page although I am still figuring out how to use it best. 

Other planners does not have this birthday trackers so it makes the Serenitea planner unique. Now, I will be able to list all the important people's birthday to my planner and plan ahead for gifts. 

At the back of the planner it has a pocket that I can store my stuff like stickers and small papers. It also has a strap that can keep the planner closed. 

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